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Team Te Mania - Angus cattle bred and tested for high performance in the commercial beef market

Team Te Mania is a national alliance of progressive beef producers who are testing and utilising the best practices in beef production and sharing the latest genetics from the same performance-based gene pool. Find out more about the Team Te Mania Program.

Team Te Mania shares marketing structure, the brand, and research and development all with the vision of efficiently producing and delivering a consistent and high quality beef product.

Regular on-line Team Te Mania commercial female sales are held, through AuctionsPlus. Beef production workshops and field days are held annually.

Team Te Mania herds span across NSW, Victoria and South Australia.  There are currently 42 member herds.

Benefits of the team program

What others say about Team Te Mania

We use Te Mania genetics because they are the most progressive performance based Angus stud in Australia. There are no ‘smoke and mirrors’, performance is backed by hard data, collected via Team Te Mania herds and feedlot feedback. This gives producers confidence when selecting Te Mania sires to use in their herds. I’ve invested a lot of money in Te Mania genetics during the last seven years and have been more than happy with the results.

Duncan Clowes
Valdemar NSW

We saw Team Te Mania as a really good operating plan.  With the quality of the semen from the best bulls Te Mania produces and the quality of the back-up bulls, it works well for us.  This year I can see the difference in our heifers and how good they looked.  The steers are some of the best we have seen come through our small on-farm feedlot, where they were fed for 70-90 days and weighed once a month.  Overall they averaged 2.3 kgs weight gain per day.

Locky Gleeson
Colligen Creek Station, Deniliquin

Temperament is one of the best attributes of Te Mania Angus genetics. Since we have been using Te Mania Angus genetics the increase in length, muscling and confirmation of our weaners is very noticeable. The same backgrounders are returning to buy our weaners as they say they are putting on more weight than any other line of calves they have been buying.

Ian Robertson
Wave Hill, Tahara West VIC

Team Te Mania has become firmly established as the supplier of reliable and quality meat to the higher-value end of the market, with a strong focus on feedlots and the value added industry. Its product is sourced from producers who have an emphasis on working with cutting edge genetics in the Angus industry and a commitment to raising and handling their cattle well.

In my role as CEO of CAAB I always enjoyed meeting with the Team Te Mania members at Field Days and forums because they are a dynamic group of people with not just the growth of their business but also the viability of the industry as a primary goal. This is an exciting and market leading program that provides professional commercial producers with the opportunity to accelerate their own genetic profile while working alongside one of the nation’s most proved and successful gene pools.

Michael Pointer
former Chief Executive Officer - Certified Australian Angus Beef

We are enjoying working within one of the largest progeny test programs throughout the world, scanning both male and female stock on farm at various Progeny Test Team Herds. The use of industry leading genetics by Team Members is proving very successful for the producers involved with continual genetic improvement becoming evident. The program is a credit to Te Mania Angus and brings great benefits to the stud itself, Team Members and many sectors of the beef industry”

BeefXcell, has scanned animals in the Te Mania Angus herd by ultrasound since 1990, and independently assessed the cattle for structure since 1994.

Jim Green & Liam Cardile

It has been my great pleasure to work as a consultant to Team Te Mania since its inception.  In that time I have seen the Team grow to a real force in the beef industry.

To be effective in the beef industry, genetic improvement has to be implemented in the herds that breed the bulls BUT the definition of genetic improvement (what we need to improve) must come from the commercial beef production chain; and this is where the strength of Team Te Mania lies. Team Te Mania acts like a vertically integrated supply chain with exchange of flow of information between the bull breeder and the beef supply chain. The Te Mania Angus herd is making genetic improvement, faster than most in Australia, and the stud is improving those traits that are important to their commercial breeders and to the feedlots and processors further down the beef supply chain. The Team structure, with committed breeders, plus integrated marketing, is a highly efficient structure in which genetics can be turned into more dollars.

The incorporation of the progeny test herds in the Team adds a further dimension to the program; one that no other beef breeding enterprise can boast. Progeny testing young bulls has two advantages:

  1. Early identification of potentially high genetic merit animals for use in the stud to keep the genetic improvement going at a very rapid rate.
  2. The bulls available for use in the commercial herds have higher accuracy and therefore can be selected with more confidence.

As a genetics consultant it is most rewarding to work with the Team. The annual meetings are a highlight of the year and a great chance to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Genetics is a simple business; but organizing people to implement a genetic improvement program that delivers high quality product into the beef supply chain is a real skill. I am continually in awe of the drive dedication and skill of the extended Gubbins family in organizing the Team. I believe in the long run the whole beef industry will benefit from such an initiative.

Wayne Upton
Breed Consultant
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Team Te Mania Members

New South Wales Bundella Martin Kuhn Makiwa NSW 2343 Ebor Fraser and Pam James Guy Fawkes Station NSW 2453 Wymah Jamie and Robina Maconochie Warragai NSW 2640 Deniliquin Dennis and Judy Gleeson Colligen Creek Station NSW 2710 Deniliquin Malcolm and Kerry Bishop Werai Station NSW 2710 Deniliquin Gordon and Sue Jarrott Hartwood South NSW 2710 Adelong Mrs Susie Chisholm…

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Team Te Mania Progeny Test Semen

The following elite young Te Mania Angus sires have been identified for progeny testing through Team Te Mania. Semen is available to the nominated Team Te Mania Progeny Test herds at the subsidised member price $5.00 per straw, and to non-Progeny Test Team Te Mania herds at the subsided price of $16.00 per straw. Full…

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Team Te Mania Program

What is Team Te Mania? Team Te Mania is a partnership between Te Mania Angus and Australian beef cattle producers working together to produce high quality beef cattle and collectively market through a nationally recognised brand. It is about starting producer members along the road to increased profitability. Established in 1995, this commercial alliance incorporates…

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