Team Te Mania - Angus cattle bred and tested for high performance in the commercial beef market

Team Te Mania is a coalition of over 40 Angus herds across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.  It is a large scale progeny test and marketing alliance from the same performance-based gene pool.  The Team Te Mania Program.

Team Te Mania incorporates the power of the Te Mania Angus brand, using best practices in commercial beef production, combined with research and development to efficiently produce and deliver consistent and high quality beef products.

Team Te Mania bloodlines are sought after throughout the entire beef chain for high compliance to market specifications, and for building efficient breeding herds.

The group meets annually to learn about latest technology and farming systems, to meet industry specialists, backgrounders, feedlotters and processors and to share their passion for the agricultural industry.

Team Te Mania herds

Team Te Mania
• Its quality and volume differentiates it from any other line of cattle
• Development of premium female breeding herds
• Higher numbers of steers reach market specifications
• Market awareness from a strong and recognised brand
• Use of proven Angus genetics at commercial rates
• Guaranteed replacement of lease bulls within 48 hours
• Cash flow – No back-up bulls, no capital outlay. Lease payments are tax deductible
• Te Mania Angus consultants and directors assist with genetic and management decisions
• Sharing ideas with a dynamic group of commercial cattle producers at Team Te Mania workshops


2023 Team Te Mania Workshop, Adelaide

2022 Team Te Mania Workshop, Dunkeld

2021 Team Te Mania Workshop, Tamworth

2018 Team Te Mania Workshop, Torqua

2017 Team Te Mania Workshop, Warrnambool

2016 Team Te Mania Workshop, King Island, TAS p1; 2016 P2&3

2015 Team Te Mania Workshop, Armidale, Ebor, Glen Innes, Guyra, NSW

2014 Team Te Mania Workshop, Torquay, St Leonards

2012 Team Te Mania Workshop, Hamilton

2011 Team Te Mania Workshop, Mortlake

2010 Team Te Mania Workshop, Mansfield, Seymour

2009 Team Te Mania Workshop, Geelong

2008 Team Te Mania Workshop, Armidale, Glen Innes, NSW, Warwick, Qld

2008 Team Te Mania Workshop, Mumbannar

2007 Team Te Mania Workshop, Geelong

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