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At Te Mania Angus we are in the business of genetic improvement of angus cattle with proven performance.

Not just for our gene pool which began in Australia in 1971 (New Zealand in 1928), but also for yours and the wider industry.  To make beef production more efficient and more profitable.

We are convinced that profitability should be seen as a trait, and that success is heritable.  At every stage, the beef cattle supply chain targets profitability, and this gives us a more concise target for which to aim.

We are an innovative organisation which regenerates livestock genetics, industry, community and environment – with truth and meaning.

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Breeding Better Beef

Beef genetics might have once been an art – today it is a science.

Since 1971, the Te Mania Angus gene pool has been embracing every opportunity and innovation that has enabled it to help Angus become the most sought-after breed in Australia.

Sought after because it is able to prove – in black and white – it has the figures to back up the success story.

Te Mania Angus in the 21st century has a herd of 1500 stud females and 400 recipient cows, under the management of Tom Gubbins and Hamish McFarlane.

Te Mania Angus genetics are targeted by restockers, feedlotters, processors and the five-star restaurant trade because their performance is predictable – and the more data in the system the more predictable they become.

Underwritten with an intense commitment to structure and conformation, which sees every animal at Te Mania Angus independently assessed for structure throughout their lives.

In many ways, you could say the digital age is now catching up to the pioneering work done in the Angus industry, which realised very early on that data would be king and the more accurate the data, the better the genetic profile.

Today Te Mania Angus provides proven genetics to build high quality and profitable breeding herds. Extensive progeny testing and processing feedback confirms Te Mania Angus genetics consistently outperform breed benchmarks, dominating EBVs and the vital Index tables.

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