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Te Mania Angus
Te Mania Angus
Te Mania Angus

Angus cattle with proven performance

Our aim at Te Mania Angus is to provide clients the genetics to build high quality and profitable breeding herds.  Extensive progeny testing and feedback of data shows Te Mania genetics consistently outperform as breeders, and in the production of premium beef for domestic and international markets.

Our 1700-head breeding herd is run under commercial conditions, producing sound, highly fertile and docile cattle.  Genetic focus is applied to calving ease, growth, carcase quality and structure, while constant research is undertaken to maximise efficiencies.  Recent on-farm research has involved monitoring heifer puberty, and net feed intake.

Bull sales are held each March at the Mortlake, Victoria headquarters, and in August, at Walgett, NSW.  Volume lines of bulls are sold by private sale.

Te Mania Angus sires are available for lease through the progeny test and marketing alliance, Team Te Mania This coalition of 40+ herds across SA, Victoria and NSW sell premium lines of steers to backgrounders and lot feeders, and females through feature online sales.

Semen from proven Te Mania sires is available through AI Resellers.  Senior stud cows, including ET donors, representing some of the herd’s most successful maternal lines are available.

Te Mania Angus practices sustainable farming, ensuring the land is improved for generations to come.  Waterways and native bush which act as shelter-belts are fenced off, and natural farm inputs are used to nourish the soil.

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