At Te Mania Angus we are in the business of genetic improvement of cattle.

Not just for our gene pool which began in 1928, but also for yours and the wider industry.  To make beef production more efficient and more profitable.

We are convinced that profitability should be seen as a trait, and that success is heritable.  If the beef cattle industry targets profitability as a heritable trait, it gives us all a more concise target for which to aim.

We are an innovative organisation which regenerates livestock genetics, industry, community and environment – with truth and meaning.

Breeding Better Beef

The Te Mania Angus gene pool began in New Zealand in 1928, extending into Australia in 1971. Since then it has set, or still holds, every Australian Angus sales record.

Te Mania Angus was founded by Edwyn Wilding, father of Mary Gubbins in the south island of New Zealand in 1928. In 1971 Te Mania Angus was founded by Andrew and Mary Gubbins on the importation to Australia of two young sires and 58 females. The herd now spans 1400 stud females and 400 recipient cows, under the management of Tom Gubbins and brother-in-law, Hamish McFarlane, at Mortlake and Connewarre in Victoria.

Te Mania Angus genetics have played a pivotal role in the Angus shift to become the most sought-after breed in Australasia, at every level of the beef production chain. Today Te Mania Angus provides proven genetics to build high quality and profitable breeding herds. Extensive progeny testing and processing feedback confirms that Te Mania Angus genetics consistently outperform breed benchmarks, dominating EBVs and the vital Index tables.

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