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Te Mania Angus
Te Mania Angus
Te Mania Angus
Te Mania Angus

Angus cattle with proven performance

FOR more than 90 years, Te Mania Angus genetics have played a pivotal role in the Angus shift to become the most sought after breed in Australasia, at every level of the beef production chain.

Today Te Mania Angus provides proven genetics to build high quality and profitable breeding herds. Extensive progeny testing and processing feedback confirms that Te Mania Angus genetics consistently outperform breed benchmarks, dominating EBV and the vital $Index tables.

Our bulls and cows are run in large mobs under strict commercial conditions, providing clients with sound, docile highly fertile cattle with calving ease and high growth rates and an emphasis on carcase quality helping clients meet specifications for the premium beef market.

Te Mania Angus was a pioneer of objective measurement and continues to embrace and implement the latest research and technology.  It provides a conception to consumption success story that involves commercial producers, feedlotters, branded products and the five-star restaurant trade.

The Te Mania Angus story – A deep pool of Angus cattle genes


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