To provide leading livestock genetics to commercial herds which deliver profit.

Te Mania Angus Breeding Principles

Our vision is to be an innovative organisation which regenerates livestock genetics, industry, people, community and environment, with truth and meaning.

We aim to leave the land and business in better condition for generations to come. We are committed to adopting best practices, always learning and improving.

We produce sound, fertile cattle with high growth rates and excellent carcase and fertility attributes. Our genetics are selected using all the available traits.

Females who produce a live calf to weaning are retained in the breeding herd, ensuring fertility is self-correcting. The cows are required to get in calf and calve unassisted, with good mothering to ensure a high weaning percentage. If they are unable to be joined successfully at 15 months of age, they are not retained in the stud breeding herd.

We place great emphasis on bull fertility. Early research by Dr Mike Blockey proved to us that large scrotal size bulls have a positive influence on cow herd fertility.  Fertility in a cow herd is one of the most important factors contributing to the yield of beef produced per hectare. Therefore scrotal size, days to calving and gestation length are vital selection traits.

We receive a constant flow of carcase feedback through Team Te Mania herds and the Angus Australia Progeny Testing program, which allows us to more accurately join cows to bulls with the desired carcase attributes, such as high marbling, eye muscle area and retail beef yield. Te Mania Angus has placed emphasis on growth rate for many years, and is kept in check by maintaining a moderate Mature Cow Weight within the breeding herd.

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