Testimonials for Te Mania Angus Cattle

  • The professionalism and dedication Te Mania Angus have to constantly improving their genetics is fantastic. They listen and interact with a range of stakeholders along the supply chain to ensure they are performing to the highest standard.

    Mitchell Highett

    - Bullseye Ag
  • For the second year in a row, Torbank Angus topped the Hamilton Independent Agents Angus Steer Weaner sale on the 9th January. According to their agent, this year Torbank Angus  topped the steer sales for all breeds in Victoria for January. The 23  steers averaged 435 kilograms and sold for 378 cents per kilogram resulting in a price of $1645 per head. Torbank Angus has used only Te Mania blood bulls since its inception in 1997. The sires of this year’s steers are Te Mania Deja Vu, Te Mania Gallic and a Te Mania Emperor son. Mike and Andrea credit the Te Mania genetics for their great result.

    Mike and Andrea McCulloch

    - Torbank Angus
  • “We have been buying heifers for the purpose of joining and calving over the last few years. We started to notice that Te Mania heifers were always a standout in the market.  We decided that it would be in our favour to join with Te Mania bulls and retain our own heifer portion.  In March, we bought four bulls using auctionsPlus in the Te Mania Angus Autumn bull sale.  We aimed specifically for bulls with low birthweight figures to be used for joining heifers.  The whole process worked exceptionally well and the bulls were delivered from Victoria to central NSW with a minimum of fuss.  They have a very good temperament and the description was 100 percent accurate.  We are looking forward to our first drop of calves in 2017 and plan to replace more bulls with Te Mania bulls in the autumn of 2017 using the same process.”

    Neil and Susan Cosier

    - Hillcrest, Curra Creek NSW
  • We saw Team Te Mania as a really good operating plan.  With the quality of the semen from the best bulls Te Mania produces and the quality of the back-up bulls, it works well for us.  This year I can see the difference in our heifers and how good they looked.  The steers are some of the best we have seen come through our small on-farm feedlot, where they were fed for 70-90 days and weighed once a month.  Overall they averaged 2.3 kgs weight gain per day.

    Locky Gleeson

    - Colligen Creek Station, Deniliquin
  • Thring Pastoral Company joins around 1200 cows each year and is committed to producing a product of the highest quality. Thring purchased the first bull from Te Mania in 1995 and now 17 years later has a herd that is predominantly Te Mania blood. We have found that Te Mania bloodlines perform well, keep us at the lead of genetic improvement and produce a product that continually attracts a premium.

    Guy Fitzhardinge

    - Principal, Thring Pastoral Company
  • On a recent visit to Te Mania Angus, we were extremely impressed by their operation. In particular seeing such large numbers of high quality cattle, with the highlights for us being the first calver’s and the mob of 500+ young bulls. It was great to see a herd with such a firm breeding objective and overall game plan, that makes the most of the latest tecnologies to select for their target market. I was particularly envious of the extensive AI and ET programs especially when combined with the progeny testing program. These in my opinion are the foundation for objective selectin that ultimately improves performance.

    Harriet Pugh

    - RF Pugh & Co
  • Te Mania Angus still remains the bull supplier of choice for many of our commercial clients Australia Wide. With Te Mania influenced genetics demanding premiums from feedlotters, professional backgrounders and breeders, it is easy to understand why cattlemen are choosing Te Mania Bulls to enhance their genetic progress in their cow herds. Combine this with superior back up service, breed leading EBVS and a program whose bulls are renowned for their structural integrity and kind temperament, our clients benefit greatly from their involvement with one of Australia’s most progressive and respected Angus seedstock operations.

    Ross Milne

    - Southern Zone Stud Stock Manager, Elders Ltd
  • In a time when numbers seem to maketh the bull it was most gratifying to inspect the Te Mania operation this week and appreciate the breadth and discipline of the breeding programme. I saw this year’s bulls and the weaning of next year’s calves and marvelled at their evenness and type and the fact they are run with strict adherence to commercial reality.

    Andy McGeoch

    - Elders Stud Stock
  • The temperament, doing capacity and overall performance that the Te Mania Angus bred cattle exhibit in our country in north western New South Wales has been outstanding. Since the break in the 2008/9 drought and the tremendous increase in our carrying capacity we have retained all heifers and we are now carrying a record number of Te Mania Angus females and all are joined to Te Mania Angus bulls.

    Michael O’Brien

    - The Brigalows, Walgett NSW - NSW Farmer of the Year 2009
  • When people ask me why Ardenside Angus has continued buying bulls from Te Mania Angus for the past 27 years my answer is: I don’t know anywhere else in Australia where I can choose from over 100 bulls with the same quality and depth of breeding.

    Max Manefield

    - Ardenside Tooma VIC
  • We purchased our first Te Mania Angus bulls, Joel and Joseph 20 years ago in March 1991. Since then we have returned to Te Mania many times to source sires giving us cutting edge performance traits blended with quiet temperament and sound structure. With this injection of all round ability we are able to breed our own replacement females and produce weaner steers that are sought after by the feedlotters or their associates.

    Brian Stacey

    - Middlecreek Cattle Co.  Hunter Valley NSW
  • Sapien Technology is a small business, providing a range of systems and solutions to cattle producers that allow full use of the NLIS and RFID technology. Sapien has been actively involved in setting up yard systems for many of the Team member herds and also provide general technical support and assistance with data collection, migration and analysis from feedlots and abattoirs. Te Mania Angus has shown itself to be committed to continually reviewing and monitoring its information collection systems to ensure the best results for the members. Sapien is continually impressed by the level of professionalism demonstrated by the Team Members and their commitment to detailed record keeping. Small details such as maintaining clean and well oiled cattle crushes indicates that the Team Te Mania members are very serious about producing the best cattle possible. Sapien only hopes to maintain its involvement with a group of producers who are very focused on what they do and are a very important source of product feedback.

    Rob Wyld

    - Sapien Technology
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