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The Te Mania Angus story

Through the collection and analysis of extensive feedback from progeny testing,  Te Mania Angus genetics have played a pivotal role in the Angus shift to become the most sought after breed in Australia, at every level of the beef production chain.

Our bulls and cows are run in large mobs under strict commercial conditions, providing clients with sound, docile, highly fertile cattle with calving ease and high growth rates.  An unwavering focus on carcase quality helps clients meet specifications for the premium market right throughout the beef supply chain.

Te Mania Angus was a pioneer of objective measurement and continues to embrace and implement the latest research and technology.  It provides a conception to consumption success story that involves commercial producers, feedlotters, branded products and the five-star restaurant trade.

Our 2000-head breeding herd is run under commercial conditions, producing sound, highly fertile and docile cattle.  Genetic focus is applied to calving ease, growth, carcase quality and structure, while constant research is undertaken to maximise efficiencies.  Recent on-farm research has involved monitoring heifer puberty, and net feed intake.

Bull sales are held each March at the Mortlake, Victoria headquarters, and in August, at Walgett, NSW.  Volume lines of bulls are sold by private sale.

Te Mania Angus sires are available for lease through the progeny test and marketing alliance, Team Te Mania This coalition of 40+ herds across SA, Vic, NSW and Qld sell premium lines of steers to backgrounders and lot feeders, and highly efficient females through feature online sales.

Semen from proven Te Mania sires is available through AI Resellers.

Senior stud cowsincluding ET donors, representing some of the herd’s most successful maternal lines are available.

Te Mania Angus practices sustainable farming, ensuring the land is improved for generations to come.  Waterways and native bush which act as shelter-belts are fenced off, and natural farm inputs are used to nourish the soil.

The Beginning

The Te Mania Angus gene pool began in New Zealand in 1928, extending into Australia in 1971. Since then it has set, or still holds, every Australian Angus sales record.

Te Mania Angus was founded by Edwyn Wilding, father of Mary Gubbins in the south island of New Zealand in 1928.  In 1971 Te Mania Angus was established in Australia by Andrew and Mary Gubbins with the importation to Australia of two young sires and 58 females.

The independent Australian herd now spans 1500 stud females and 400 recipient cows, under the management of Tom Gubbins and Hamish McFarlane.

Performance Testing

Performance recorded in New Zealand since 1950, the gene pool was accelerated into a new era, pioneering objective measurement in the industry, on its arrival into Australia.

Te Mania Angus has merged a breeding strategy and management program into a cohesive operation which continues to dominate Angus Group Breedplan, representing more than double the number of trait leaders of any other stud.

This is also a program which has produced sires which have had , including  Te Mania Kirby VTMK138, Te Mania Emperor VTME343, Te Mania Berkley VTMB1, Te Mania Africa VTMA217, Te Mania Ulong VTMU41 and Te Mania Kelp VTMK207.

Te Mania Angus can deliver calving ease and commercial profitability, providing the fast-growing, high-marbling bulls wanted by the feedlot industry, processors, and, most crucially, consumers.

The family business has developed a program in improving the accuracy of the information provided to all clients that goes above and beyond that expected by the rest of the industry.

Team Te Mania is at the heart of this commitment – keeping animals together in large contemporary groups to achieve more effective progeny in each group which can then be compared in one environment.

We progeny test a significant cast of sires each year – both on-property and through the Team Te Mania commercial progeny test herds which contribute valuable information on sires, further increasing the accuracy of sale bulls through the sire line..

This is a time consuming and expensive program, Te Mania Angus remains committed – and its success is clearly reflected in Breedplan and in demand from major feedlots for Te Mania Angus blood steers.


Vale Andrew Gubbins, Te Mania’s inspiring, innovative leader – Obituary by Marian Macdonald, Stock & Land, 10 July 2020


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