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Te Mania Angus News

Total clearance at Walgett bull sale

August 15, 2019

TE MANIA ANGUS defied the drought stricken northern NSW cattle market today when it offered and sold 88 bulls at its annual Walgett northern bull sale. The Mortlake, Victoria-based stud saw bulls twice reach a sale high of $12,000 for a gross of $558,976 and an average of $6352. Bulls went to Queensland, NSW and…

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Vale Keith McFarlane

August 9, 2019

Te Mania Angus and Team Te Mania members are saddened to hear of the passing of Keith McFarlane, Wellington Lodge, Tailem Bend, SA. Keith was a widely respected, innovative cattleman and a friend of many in the Angus world. He was a wonderful family man and great fun to be around. Team Te Mania members…

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Coulton family of Morella Agriculture model successful succession planning

August 5, 2019

THE Coulton family is on the white track — and not looking back.  And while the pioneers of the cotton industry in southern Queensland’s MacIntyre Valley prefer to fly under the radar, they have continued to expand in an effort to challenge themselves, spread risk across different enterprises and climates, and ultimately to put in…

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Performance focus key to Te Mania Angus stud success

July 18, 2019

Andrew and Mary Gubbins were featured in the recent Spring Angus, Rural Press publication which honored some of the influential people who have helped develop the Angus breed over the past 100 years. “By keeping an open mind and utilising performance data, we have been able to achieve change that sometimes went against conventional thinking,”…

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Docility – Highly heritable and mostly manageable

July 12, 2019

Te Mania Angus director Tom Gubbins looks at measuring docility within the stud’s breeding program, how it is managed, and how generations of data supplied to Angus Group Breedplan show that docility is highly heritable. At Te Mania Angus to measure docility, we crush-score our animals on a scale from 1 to 5, using the…

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2019 Te Mania Angus Walgett bull sale – catalogue online now

June 24, 2019

BEEFING UP YOUR BOTTOM LINE 100 Angus bulls, Te Mania Angus Northern Bull Sale Tuesday, August 13th at 11:30am Walgett saleyards, Walgett, NSW, and on AuctionsPlus Digital catalogue – click here Full sale details go to – Sales and Events View printed catalogue – click here Printed catalogue will be mailed in early July.  To…

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Marbling and Growth the focus at Guy Fawkes Station

June 13, 2019

Fraser and Pam James run 900+ Angus breeders, on their property Guy Fawkes Station, at Ebor on the Northern Tablelands of NSW. “Our target is the long fed feeder market with steers that marble – most of them go to Ranger’s Valley at Glen Innes with some going to Whyalla at Texas.” The James’ strategy…

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Low Stress Stockhandling

May 25, 2019

“Being an effective stock handler is about knowledge, understanding, attitude and patience”, said Paula Warren after attending a Low Stress Stock Handling School (LSS) with husband George, presented by Nic Kentish last month. “Running 1200 Angus cattle, on the Danedite property near Camperdown, our cattle handling needs to be as efficient as possible” Which is…

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Wave Hills supply Greenham’s Grass-Fed Beef Program

May 5, 2019

Team Te Mania members Ian and Devan Robertson have found success in supplying surplus females to the Greenham’s “Never Ever” Beef program, reports the Stock and Land, in its recent Livestock Leaders – Greenham feature. The Robertsons who run about 800 breeders at Wave Hills, Tahara, supply cull heifers and older cows to the Greenham…

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Feed Conversion Ratios – comparing Apples with Apples

April 30, 2019

Beef cattle are unfairly criticised for having a poor feed conversion ratio compared to other animals. There is a perception cattle eat more feed than other animals and produce fewer kilograms of beef/protein per hectare. The complication with this statement is that to only measure how much is eaten then compare that with the weight…

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