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Te Mania Angus News

Te Mania Garth progeny perform in Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial

February 13, 2018

Congratulations to Te Mania clients, Barfold Beef from Kyneton, Victoria, and Team Te Mania member Duncan Clowes of Vlademar, Millthorpe, NSW, for great results in the Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial. A pen of five steers, some by Te Mania Garth G67,  from Matthew Shea’s Barfold Beef was awarded Reserve Champion Premium Black Angus pen, with…

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Te Mania Genetics part of strategy for Mark Johns

February 12, 2018

Te Mania client Mark Johns puts as much care in to using the right genetics for his PTIC heifer trading business as any self-replacing breeder would. Mr Johns, from Cobden, started trading PTIC females about 12 years ago. He started out buying 30 Angus heifers, joining them to Te Mania Angus bulls and then selling…

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2018 Beef Week attracts crowds at Te Mania Angus

February 5, 2018

Beef Week visitors previewed sale bulls for Te Mania’s March 7 Bull sale to be held on property, at the Te Mania Angus Sale Complex, Reichmans Lane, Mortlake.  Many of the visitors took the opportunity to look around the property, to see how the 1700-breeder cow herd is run, and the cattleyards, which are integral to the…

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Brigalow Pastoral Co sells steers sell to 500c/kg at Barnawartha Blue Ribbon Angus Sale

January 11, 2018

Long term Te Mania Angus clients, Michael and Annie O’Brien, once again ‘picked a winner’ when they offloaded 198 steers, to ease the drought burden at “The Brigalows”, Carinda, NSW.  These cattle were a feature line of the Barnawartha Blue Ribbon Angus Weaner Sale on 4th January, 2018. Strong market demand for the Brigalows cattle…

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Angus females for sale

Team Te Mania PTIC Angus Cows feature in Mt Gambier store sale – 12 Jan 2018

January 5, 2018

Lakala, Mount Gambier will offer 27 PTIC 2013 drop cows for autumn calving in the Mount Gambier store sale on Friday, January 12th. Excellent quality Te Mania bloodline cows, due to calve from 15th February, for 7 weeks, to VTM L929 and VTM K281.

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Te Mania Angus welcome producers to preview the Autumn Sale Bulls at a leisurely pace during Beef Week on Friday February 2nd

Beef Week at Te Mania Angus – Friday, February 2nd

December 15, 2017

Beef Week visitors will have the opportunity to preview Te Mania Angus’ largest ever sale offering, of 180 bulls, on Friday, February 2nd. The bulls will be yarded and available to walk through, without the pressure of sale day. It is particularly ideal for AuctionsPlus users. Selecting the right genetics for your herd, and its…

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Team Te Mania Cows – on AuctionsPlus this week

December 4, 2017

128 Pure Te Mania Angus Breeders, selling on AuctionsPlus Eastern States Cattle Sale 848 on Friday, December 8th. Team Te Mania herd since 2005. Account: Tonga Station, Mansfield, Victoria 25 PTIC Heifers (Lot 8246424) Angus Heifers Aug/Sept ’15 drop. EU Accredited. 583kg, by Te Mania Angus bulls. Depastured 15/5 – 04/07/17 to Te Mania J18, J675 and J685….

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Pure Te Mania Angus Cows – on AuctionsPlus this week

November 27, 2017

Excellent quality, proven Angus females from Team Te Mania Progeny Test herd, Duncan Clowes, Valdemar, Millthorpe, NSW. 31 Head K Drop, rising 3 years, Cows, PTIC. ACR Recorded, J Bas 6 accredited.  Breedplan figures available on request. PTIC to Te Mania VTM J275 to commence calving April 2018 Video Link.  Average Weight: Cows: 665 kg Full…

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In the Yards – Structural Scoring

November 21, 2017

Jim Green of Green’s Livestock Services, will be assessing and scoring the 2018 Autumn Sale bulls, using the Beef Class Structural Scoring System, In the Yards, at Te Mania Angus, Mortlake on Thursday, December 7th. Jim will assess structural soundness, which describes conformation, of each of the bulls, and will explain the standards required for animals to achieve maximum production…

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Vale – Frank Wilding

November 19, 2017

11/11/1928 – 5/11/2017 Obituary by Gerald Hargreaves, Kakahu Angus, New Zealand The passing of Frank Wilding brings the end to the life of a most influential person in the New Zealand Angus Breed.  Many younger people will not realize what a giant he has been for the breed, an innovator, a man with vision and…

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