Team Te Mania

Angus Cattle Program

What is Team Te Mania?

It is a partnership between Te Mania Angus and Australian beef cattle producers to produce high quality beef cattle and collectively market through a nationally recognised brand.
And it is starting producer members along the road to increased profitability.
Established in 1995, this commercial alliance incorporates breeding stock throughout Victoria, NSW and South Australia.

What does being part of Team Te Mania mean for members?

• Access to the latest genetics of Te Mania Angus through a bull leasing program before they are released commercially.
• Discounted artificial insemination.
• Bull leasing backed by a 48-hour replacement guarantee.
• Te Mania Angus assistance to focus on efficient management practices and cutting edge genetics Team members need to target the lucrative B3 longfed market.
• Te Mania Angus and members work to advance the fertility and performance of their herds, achieving more cattle hitting commercial targets in a shorter time from conception to turn off.
• In turn Te Mania Angus – the nucleus herd – collates the vital production feedback to continually fine-tune the genetic program.
• This integrated chain is founded on extensive structural assessments and high performance commercial traits at Te Mania Angus.
• Team Te Mania provides members with the opportunity to participate in Team feature female sales.
• Ongoing education of Te Mania Angus and all Team members
• Support of the feedlot industry and carcase feedback to enable Team herds to produce the right product at the right time
• Active involvement in research and development to achieve these goals
. Feature on-line female sales are part of the sophisticated marketing program.

Management Requirements

Team Te Mania has two commercial management programs.
1. Production herds
The minimum recording requirements of Team Te Mania progeny are:
• Month calf was born.
• Sex of calf.
2. Progeny Test herds
• Registered with the Angus Society on the ACR (Angus Commercial Register).
These herds submit performance data to Group Breedplan covering:
o Single sire mating
o AI to ensure linkage with other Team Te Mania herds
o Female identification and joining dates
o Identification of all calves
o Birth date, weaning weight and post weaning weights.
Progeny test cattle are scanned for IMF% (Intra Muscular Fat) and EMA (Eye Muscle Area), paid by the Team Te Mania Research and Development Fund.

The Team program is based on the eventual exclusive use of Te Mania Angus genetics in Team herds.
There is a phase-in period while bulls in each member’s herd are gradually replaced withTeam Te Mania lease bulls and/or subsidised semen.
The progeny of all Team Te Mania semen and lease bulls become the property of the Team member.
All male progeny must be castrated.

Marketing Opportunities

As a group that jointly produces steers to the same exacting principles, Team Te Mania commands the attention of the nation’s best lot feeders, meat wholesalers and processors.
Team Te Mania online female sales are held each autumn.
Females by Te Mania Angus sires, or in calf to Te Mania Angus sires, are sold through these feature Team Te Mania sales on Auctions+.
The Team is forging lasting relationships with the processing and food sectors and ensuring the name Team Te Mania is synonymous with quality and consistency where it counts.
Steers and other Team cattle are marketed by members through the livestock agent network, or direct to feedlots, backgrounders and producers, and are promoted through the monthly emailed Te Mania Angus News.
Demand for Team Te Mania cattle can only grow to match its increasing production as the pursuit of livestock able to comply with premium export and domestic beef branded schemes – schemes that require a highly marbled product every time – gains momentum.

Bull / Semen Allocation

The pick of the 18-24 month old bulls in the Te Mania Angus herd are offered for lease to Team Te Mania members.
A large percentage of the Te Mania Angus drop is by ET or AI.
Bulls are allocated on the condition no more than 50 per cent of either an ET flush or sire group, can be allocated to Team herds.
Bulls are leased for three years and a complete back-up service is guaranteed by Te Mania Angus, for any injured or inactive bulls to be replaced within 48 hours. This takes away the need for members to carry back-up bulls.
Te Mania Angus semen is available to Team members at cost, including semen from elite young bulls in the Team Te Mania Progeny Test program, not available on the open market.
Te Mania Angus directors and consultants review the genetic profile and requirements of Team herds, and allocate bulls accordingly.
Members and their agents are invited to Te Mania Angus to a bull viewing day, held each January, to view and discuss their allocated bulls and their breeding programs.
Team Te Mania and Agricultural and Business Research Institute (ABRI) are developing a program to assess each individual Team member’s herd genetic profile, based on previous bull and semen usage.
This program will be used to ensure the best possible bull selection for their individual herds.
Meat Livestock Australia (MLA) and Team Te Mania Research and Development funds are being used for this research.

Contact Te Mania Angus for further information – Hamish McFarlane on (03) 5264 1606.

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