Team Te Mania Angus Progeny Test Semen - Team Te Mania Members Only

The following elite young Te Mania Angus sires have been identified for progeny testing through Team Te Mania.
Semen is available to nominated Team Te Mania Progeny Test herds at the subsidised member price of $8 per straw and to non-Progeny Test Team Te Mania herds at the wholesale price of $18.
Full pedigree, current EBVs, traits observed and Index Values of the sires can be seen by clicking Ident hyperlinks below.
The market today demands impact genetics from sires with the most accurate figures available.
The feedlot industry only wants high quality beef and that means steers that will marble well above the breed average.
Te Mania Angus consistently has sires in the top 1% of the breed for carcase traits and the Selection Indexes.  This is the result of ongoing commitment to producing bulls with balanced traits across the board, and carcase traits that far exceed the breed average.
This gives producers working with Te Mania Angus access to exciting cutting edge genetics to design more profitable progeny that will hit targets.
It’s all about understanding the best guide with which the industry can work and applying it to commercial herds.  When target markets are the focus of your management program, genetic selections can be finetuned with higher accuracy.
The depth of Angus Group Breedplan is now the cornerstone of our industry and the bulls at the top of the EBV tree are the ones that will deliver the performance you must have.

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