930 Team Te Mania females in feature sale

IN THE midst of one of the beef industry’s biggest bull markets, the key to future success for commercial producers will be the genetic profile – and progress – of their female herd.

And at 11am on March 5 the key to that genetic boost will be large lines of Team Te Mania females in an online-only sale of 930 cows – many PTIC to Te Mania Angus bulls – through AuctionsPlus.

The catalogue represents females bred by long-term Te Mania Angus clients, with EBVs available on many of the lines.

The Team Te Mania herds have been refined for almost 30 years of dedicated breeding under the Team Te Mania umbrella.  This makes the annual Team Te Mania Online Commercial Female Sale a unique opportunity to provide a genetic boost to any herd, regardless of its size – increasing performance and opening new markets.

There will be the opportunity to put together incredibly even lines of females with enterprises such as Lakala Pastoral (250 head), Boona (165) and Gwalia (140) offering Te Mania Angus blood cattle.

The Lakala entry in the sale is a fixed part of their herd management program to sell breeders at six years of age to make way for the next generation of Te Mania Angus genetics,” he said.

At Boona, a breeding herd of 1000+ cows, their steer progeny are sought after on contract to Rangers Valley annually, because of their consistent high marbling and carcase traits.

Boona joined Team Te Mania as a foundation member 1995, leasing bulls and using some of the breed’s most outstanding bulls in recent years through AI programs.

Steve said “The sale females also have the breed dominant Te Mania Angus fertility and $Index traits and have been strategically joined across many generations to ensure each drop maximum genetic gain.”

ACR accredited cattle with excellent EBVs across the board also include large lines from Valdemar, near Orange, NSW (100) and Widgeegonga, Derrinallum, Victoria (85).

A $15 per head freight subsidy of $15/head will be paid by Team Te Mania direct to purchasers who buy during the live online sale.

Full details and Preliminary listing

The final sale listing will be posted on auctionsplus.com.au -SIM Auction 104, prior to the sale.

Pictured – 50 heifers, PTIC, offered by Stephen Brain, Boona, Mumbannar

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