Andrew Gubbins awarded The Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia

Co-founder of Te Mania Angus Australia, Andrew Gubbins, who died at the age of 85 on 27 May 2020, was a true pioneer of the Australian beef cattle industry.
Over five decades, utilising innovative technologies in genetic improvement, Andrew played a leading role in the development of the Angus breed as Australia’s premium beef cattle.
Andrew Gubbins’ legacy as an innovator in the development of Angus genetics and as a leader in progressive breeding practices is second to none.  As owner with wife Mary of Te Mania Angus, Andrew Gubbins was one of a small number of beef cattle producers who worked closely with scientists to improve the commercial efficiency of the Angus breed.
Agricultural geneticist Professor Rob Banks believes that since 1990 the economic value of the genetic improvement of Angus cattle can be valued at $5 billion.  He credits a significant part of this value to the hard work, innovation and determination of Andrew Gubbins.
Andrew was a quiet and humble man who was highly regarded Australia-wide, in every sector of beef farming industry – from research, across large scale commercial breeding enterprises and through feeding and processing.  He worked closely with scientists and technicians world-wide, pioneering trials which included on-farm IVF, bull fertility testing, and objective measurement.
Not only was Andrew Gubbins an eminent beef cattle producer but a renowned conservationist.  Since 1961, his farming practices were based on working with nature and not against it.
While Te Mania is regarded as one of the most impressive cattle breeding operations in the world, Andrew Gubbins never hesitated to share his knowledge and support the development of the industry more broadly.
The Medal of the Order of Australia (in the General Division) awarded posthumously to Andrew Gubbins recognises a lifetime of work which continues to benefit Australia’s beef cattle sector.