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Team Te Mania Online Commercial Female Sale | 743 Cows | On AuctionsPlus only

  • Friday, March 6 2020 - 11:00am


Printable copy of 2020 Team Te Mania Commercial Female sale catalogue

THE fast track towards pure Te Mania Angus genetics, or harnessing the power of an outcross, is the online  Team Te Mania Commercial Female sale.

Profitability must be seen as a trait, a heritable trait.  For the past 90 years Te Mania Angus has collected all available data, including 25 years of progeny testing through Team Te Mania – to identify and propagate genetic lines with the most commercial potential.

A freight subsidy of $15/head will be paid by Team Te Mania direct to successful purchasers.   It will be paid for females purchased during the Team Te Mania Online Female Sale, or within 24 hours of the completion of the sale.  The purchaser should claim the subsidy direct from Team Te Mania, from hamishtemania.com.au.


Qty Age (months) Status To Calve Accreditations Vendor Property Town State Phone
20 42-78 PTIC Spring J-BAS 8, ACR, EU Susie Chisholm Gwalia Adelong NSW 02 6946 2002
14 30 PTIC Spring J-BAS 8, ACR, EU
25 18 PTIC Spring J-BAS 8, ACR, EU
45 90 PTIC Spring J-BAS 6, EU Stephen & Sue Brain Boona Mumbannar VIC 0418 812 088
124 78 PTIC Spring J-BAS 6, EU
52 18 PTIC Spring J-BAS 6, EU
80 18 PTIC Spring J-BAS 6 Jack & Jen Roxburgh Coomete Pty Ltd Hexham VIC 0427 997 285
22 30 PTIC Spring J-BAS 6
10 42-54 PTIC Spring J-BAS 6, ACR, EU Ric Walmsley Kielli Holdings Mortlake VIC 0419 332 398
15 30 PTIC Spring J-BAS 6, ACR, EU
15 78-90 PTIC Spring J-BAS8, ACR, EU Fiona Conroy Knewleave Partnership Queenscliff VIC 0407 345 718
22 18 Unjoined J-BAS8, ACR, EU
100 78 PTIC Spring J-BAS 6, EU Colin & Karen Henke Lakala Pastoral Co Mumbannar VIC 0409 286 245
25 66 PTIC Spring J-BAS 6, EU
30 18 PTIC Spring J-BAS 6, EU
15 30 CAF
13 calves
Autumn J-BAS 6, ACR, EU Michael Carroll Widgeegonga Derrinallum VIC 0414 444 218
26 30 PTIC* Spring J-BAS 6, ACR, EU
29 42-54 PTIC* Spring J-BAS 6, ACR, EU
46 66-78 PTIC Spring J-BAS 6, ACR, EU



As the national herd heads towards a significant and sustained rebuild, industry-leading genetics will place producers at the cutting edge of that growth.
This is an opportunity to acquire large lines of quality Te Mania Angus females, including ACR (AngusCommercial Register) recorded with EBVs available.
Te Mania Angus genetics are not just an investment in fast-tracking the genetic profile of your herd, they are a tangible demonstration that profitability can – and should – be a trait and success is heritable.
Especially when built on the strength and integrity of the Te Mania Angus brand.

All cattle are independently assessed by AuctionsPlus, and are held on vendor properties until sold. Interested purchasers are welcome to contact the vendors directly to arrange pre-sale inspections or further details.

During an AuctionsPlus Simultaneous Auction, all lots are available for sale at the same time. The auction will have a set starting time, at which point buyers can place bids on any number of lots. Each lot will have a starting price and a set bidding increment, which may differ between lots.  Online bidding is available only to registered users. You will need to register with AuctionsPlus, at least 48 hours in order to bid.   For further information, please contact AuctionsPlus on  02 9262 4222.

2020 Boona PTIC Heifers to calve in Spring

2020 Kielli PTIC Heifers, to calve in Spring. EBVs available