98 Pure Te Mania Angus bloodline Weaner Heifers – SOLD

Congratulations to Ralph and Krissi Kuhn for sale high, Heifers weighing 200-280kgs, selling for 583c/kg, and 533c/kg.

Opportunity to restock with future breeders of high genetic merit.  Ralph and Krissi Kuhn of Alambi, Coolah, NSW have been progeny test members of the Team Te Mania program for 13 years.  Allambi is a large commercial herd which has proven high performance for marbling and growth traits through Rangers Valley.

98 heifers, 8-9 months are offered in two lots, in this week’s Auctions Plus Weaner & Yearling Sale, Auction 697.  Friday May 8 at 10am.

The heifers have excellent temperament.  They are quiet and easy to handle through the crush and yards.  See Videos.  Have been handled with bikes, dogs , on foot and vehicles.

Assessors comments “Heifers are showing all the attributes of the Team Te Mania program and will be a great addition to any breeding herd.”

LOT 544  49 Hd Weaner heifers
LOT 545   49 Hd Weaner heifers

EU accredited
Herd profile – click here
Enquiries to Chris Callow – Ph 0429 497 166

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