Te Mania genetics reap premiums in Glencoe dispersal

Evan and June Baillie are no different to other quality beef cattle producers – dispersing your herd is always a wrench.

Even if you are retiring.

In their case it was a spectacular line-up of two decades of pure Te Mania Angus breeding – first as a bull buyer and then as a Team Te Mania member.

Their property Glencoe, at Forbes in NSW is “in the process of going” and the couple have already purchased their new home in Forbes itself.

While they wished they were dispersing now, with the strength of the beef market, Evan said they had no choice.

“No water, no feed and no prospects meant we had to sell,” he said.

“And that is when the power of the Te Mania Angus brand did its job.”

Coming off a poor season he said his heifer calves averaging 279kg liveweight, made almost $5/kg  – and were snapped up on AuctionsPlus by Team Te Mania members Steve and Sue Brain at Boona, Mumbannar.

David Bayly from the southeast of SA, who had previously agisted Glencoe heifers, was familiar with their tremendous growth rates and performance, purchased the 118 steers for $3.63, when the heifers stretched beyond his reach.

Both buyers had to survive bidding duels and after the sale Evan said it was the Te Mania Angus bloodlines that buyers were after, sight unseen.

He said on a diet of cotton seed and forage sorghum hay all his cattle had retained good condition and “after weaning the March/April calves in October the calves just kept going forward – and so did the cows”.

Having built their herd to as many as 400 cows – targeting the lucrative export market for high marbling cattle with Rangers Valley in particular – Evan said it was more than 20 years since he had sold anything through the saleyards.

“Feedlotters have long identified Te Mania Angus genetics as the ones they want and they always attract a lot of demand,” Evan said.

“By using a mostly AI program we only needed about three bulls for backup and we recorded some outstanding conception rates.  As part of Team Te Mania we had access to the next generation bulls before they hit the open market, meaning we were always a step or two ahead,” he said.

“We had Emperor and Berkeley but also all the latest bulls, including Te Mania Jolimont VTMJ485, Te Mania Lismore VTML677 and Te Mania Kirby K138. Just look at Kirkby, he is in the top 1 per cent of the Angus breed for marbling (IMF EBV is +6.3, 80 per cent accuracy), and top 1 per cent for Heavy Grain $Index and Angus Breeding $Index.

“Not only are we first in, the bulls still have to be good and yes, we have had some very, very good bulls who have gone on to produce some exceptional progeny.”


8443629 33 PTIC Cows, 4YO
8445443 44 PTIC Cows, 2YO
8445486 38 PTIC Cows, 3YO
8445524 23 PTIC Cows, 5YO
8445567 32 PTIC Cows, 6&7YO
8445591 21 PTIC Cows, 8-12YO
8443637 59 Weaned Steers  *
8446121 59 Weaned Steers  *
8443645 44 Weaned Heifers  *
8446015 44 Weaned Heifers *

* Complete 2019 Autumn drop steers.   80% of steers are by Te Mania AI Sires Te Mania Jolimont VTMJ485 &  Te Mania Lismore VTML677
* Complete 2019 Autumn drop unjoined heifers.   80% of heifers are by Te Mania AI Sires Te Mania Jolimont VTMJ485 &  Te Mania Lismore VTML677

Evan and June Baillie’s property Glencoe, at Forbes in NSW, has been hard hit by drought, and like too many other livestock producers, the Baillies have made the hard decision to disperse the remainder of their herd.

The Spring calving portion of the herd was sold on 4/10/19  achieving the Auctions Plus sale high twice at $2100, for pens of 40 cows with calves at foot.

The Baillies have used Te Mania bloodlines only, for 16 years as Team Te Mania members, with a focus on a highly fertile herd giving a strong return per hectare.   Steers from Glencoe are sought after for their high marbling genetics and are sold to feedlots.

Pedigrees available.  For further information, contact Chris Callow, Ph 0429497166