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Allambi - Ralph and Krissi Kuhn, Coolah NSW

The Allambi herd has been built up from Murray Grey lines, with a strong commitment to performance, benchmarking and access to cutting edge genetics.

In 1992, Ralph and Krissi began performance recording 180 cows and heifers for the Beef CRC1.  When this trial finished it became evident to them, that Angus was the breed being most proactive in targeting the B3 market, and consequently Angus genetics via AI and some bulls were introduced to the herd.

Allambi steers have been sold to Rangers Valley since 1987.  Some 20 years later, after a conversation with Richard Eldershaw of Rangers Valley, Ralph and Krissi decided to join Team Te Mania as a progeny test herd, as a way of furthering their performance recording  (300-350 cows),  and having access to leading AI sires and breeding in general.

Allambi currently runs 700-750 cows/1800 ewes and farms approximately 300ha annually.

The herd is spring calving herd with a 9 week calving span.  Natural joining is from October 1- December 4, and approximately 150-180 heifers using CIDR synchronization in late September.

Calves are yard weaned in batches of approximately 150-200 calves for a week.  Depending on temperament some yard training is also instituted.  Calves from outlying commercial herds are trucked to Allambi.  Once weaned calves are split on sex and run in a single mob.

Allambi  is run essentially in two blocks but is the result of aggregating  6 properties.  The area totals approximately 3153ha however 400ha of this is either a stock exclusion area or quite heavily timbered and unproductive.  The main focus over the years has been to water, subdivide, pasture improve and erect necessary infrastructure on each block as it has been acquired.

It is nestled on the southern flank of the Liverpool Range.   Coolah is situated 120km North East of Dubbo, just on the western side of the Great Dividing Range.

The environment is warm temperate with summer maxima reaching the low 40 degrees on occasions and winters minima – 3 to 5 degrees. The annual rainfall is 600mm which increases closer to the range. Rainfall distribution is 55% summer 45% winter – however seasonal volatility is their main challenge.

The Kuhns have found that membership in Team Te Mania has been not only a means of moving the genetics of their cattle forward, but also discussing the business of production with people from different geographic and climatic zones.

“Generally I am sure the Team members all have similar aims.  But the way we achieve them is determined by where we live and the constraints climate, soil type and topography put on us.”

  • Breedplan recorded:  Angus Commercial Register
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  • Calving period – Jul-Sep