Team Te Mania Female Sale – Its the One-Stop Genetic Shop

THE most immediate way towards pure Te Mania Angus genetics and/or harnessing the power of an outcross, is the online Team Te Mania female sale at 11am, on Friday, March 6, 2020 on AuctionsPlus, Sale 484.

Profitability is a trait, a very heritable trait. We have proved that in the past 90 years of the Te Mania Angus gene pool in parallel with a massive body of industry research.

We can, you can, identify and propagate genetic lines with the most commercial potential.

For the preliminary catalogue of sale females from herds across NSW and Victoria, click here.   Final catalogue will be on, one week prior to the sale.

Purchases in the Team Te Mania commercial female sale include a freight subsidy of $15/head to be paid by Team Te Mania direct to successful purchasers.

It will be paid for females purchased during the Team Te Mania Online Female Sale, or within 24 hours of the completion of the sale.  The purchaser should claim the subsidy direct from Team Te Mania, from hamish[at]

45 x Boona PTIC Heifers to calve in Spring, Mumbannar, Victoria