2018 Beef Week attracts crowds at Te Mania Angus

Beef Week visitors previewed sale bulls for Te Mania’s March 7 Bull sale to be held on property, at the Te Mania Angus Sale Complex, Reichmans Lane, Mortlake.  Many of the visitors took the opportunity to look around the property, to see how the 1700-breeder cow herd is run, and the cattleyards, which are integral to the handling, data collection and recording of the cattle.

Thank you to Rob Wyld and Jess from Sapien Technology who explained data collection and demonstrated their KoolCollect information systems which have been so successful at Te Mania Angus.

Hamish McFarlane said it was fantastic to see so many breeders taking advantage of the Beef Week open days, to view Angus bulls for the upcoming selling season.  A good number had sorted the sale bulls using the 2018 Te Mania Angus Autumn Sale bulls Online catalogue, streamlining their selections according to their own breeding objectives.  To request a hard copy of the catalogue are available, please email to admin[at]temania.com.au.

Photos by Ruby Canning

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