Te Mania Genetics part of strategy for Mark Johns

Te Mania client Mark Johns puts as much care in to using the right genetics for his PTIC heifer trading business as any self-replacing breeder would.

Mr Johns, from Cobden, started trading PTIC females about 12 years ago. He started out buying 30 Angus heifers, joining them to Te Mania Angus bulls and then selling as PTIC females. Currently, he trades between 300 and 400 females a year.

He said his strategy is to use the best females, with the best possible bull genetics for the market.

While Mr Johns first became a Te Mania client due to recommendations from others, he now buys bulls each year because of the “rigorous objective and subjective measurement”.

The heifers consistently gets 93-95 per cent pregnancy rate, which Mr Johns said was “testament to the genetics and condition they are in when joined”. Read the full story.

Mr Johns sold a large line of PTIC heifers at the Mortlake store sale recently for $2400 and he has another 200 PTIC heifers to sell in the coming month (sales not yet determined).

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