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Te Mania Angus Autumn On Property Bull Sale | 162 Bulls | Mortlake and on AuctionsPlus

  • Wednesday, March 4 2020 - 12:00pm

2020 Autumn Bull Sale Final Day Sheet

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Video footage of each bull – Go to Online Catalogue, click the IDENT of the bull to view its video and full details.

Enquiries welcome – Hamish McFarlane Ph 0427 641 606 | Tom Gubbins Ph 0429 952 197
Request a printed Catalogue – admintemania.com.au

All bulls sold by Te Mania Angus are physical ownership only.  Semen may be collected and used within herds owned by the purchaser/s nominated prior to the sale, on the Buyer Registration.   Semen may not be on-sold to outside parties.
Te Mania Angus retains the right to collect semen from all bulls sold for use strictly within the Te Mania Angus herd and/or Team Te Mania herds.  If the right to collect semen is exercised, Te Mania Angus would consult with the owner to arrange collection, with cost to Te Mania Angus.
This is aligned with our commitment to deliver the highest quality genetics and our need to protect our access to all genetics sold by Te Mania Angus into the market place.   If the bull is on-sold at a later date, these conditions carry forward.

Terms and conditions
Te Mania Angus will provide bull purchasers from:

  • Victoria –  A freight free service direct to Sale and Mansfield, beyond these destinations will be the purchaser’s responsibility.
  • SA, WA & Northern Territory –  A freight free service to Lucindale, South Australia, via major towns on a direct route.
  • NSW & Queensland –  A freight free service between Mortlake, Victoria and Roma, Queensland, through Walgett, NSW and en route via Dubbo.
  • Tasmania, King and Flinders Islands  – Freight assistance of $200 per bull purchased.

All onward freight arrangements for state and interstate destinations from those mentioned above will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
To make use of this offer, it is essential purchasers notify Te Mania Angus if they intend to use this service before making any other freight arrangements.
This service cannot be made available to purchasers who have already contracted for freight before talking to Te Mania Angus.
All other destinations are arranged at low cost to the purchaser.

Bulls will be yarded from 7.30am.  Breakfast with the Stars is served from 7.30am.  Lunch is also provided.
Buyers have the option of bidding from the woolshed where the sale is conducted, or from the bullpens or remote venues through AuctionsPlus.

The sale will be interfaced with AuctionsPlus with live audio, in conjunction with the physical auction, allowing buyers to participate without attending the sale. Online buyers can log in via the AuctionsPlus website and observe the auction in real time, and place bids on their computer.  Online bidding is available only to registered users.  Enquiries and Registration:  AuctionsPlus Ph 02 9262 4222  www.auctionsplus.com.au

GST – Bulls will be sold GST exclusive ie. If the bull is knocked down for $4,000, you will be charged $4,400.
CARRIERS –  Dick Smith Transport of Dubbo coordinate the delivery of stock.  Enquiries: Dick Smith Transport 02 6882 2463

These sale bulls have Single Step genomic information included in the calculation of their Breedplan EBVs.  Single Step has improved the accuracy of EBVs and provides the opportunity for faster genetic gain.  It includes Parent Verification of each bull.

Any Te Mania Angus bull that proves to be structurally unsound, infertile or incapable of service is guaranteed for up to three years from date of sale. Under these circumstances Te Mania Angus will: 1) Replace the bull with a satisfactory substitute if available, or 2) Issue a refund equal to the value remaining * (see below), less the salvage value. * The guarantee covers the purchase value of the bull, without interest, cost and damages.
The guarantee shall apply providing the bull’s incapacity is not caused by injury or disease contracted since leaving Te Mania, the value remaining is calculated on the basis that the guarantee is reduced by one third of the purchase price for each year of service from the sale date. A veterinary certificate must be supplied by the purchaser on request.
If any bull that is purchased does not possess a reasonable fertility, although not totally infertile, any dispute that may arise shall be settled by an arbitrator appointed by the auctioneers and must be lodged within 12 calendar months from date of sale.
We recommend that all purchasers discuss injury insurance of their bulls at the sale with Elders Ltd or their Agent. This guarantee is in addition to the normal terms and conditions governing auction sales.

All the sale bulls have been ear notched and screened for BVDV (also known as Pestivirus) and have been found to have a high immunity to BVDV and it is therefore not necessary to vaccinate.  We recommend that you consult your vet regarding an ongoing BVDdV programme for your herd.
All the sale bulls are vaccinated for Vibriosis and given a booster. We recommend annual boosters are given to all bulls.
All of our bulls receive 7 in 1 vaccinations at threemonths of age, six weeks later and a booster as a yearling. They are drenched at weaning and periodically according to worm counts.
All Te Mania Angus bulls are examined by a veterinarian prior to sale day which includes palpation of the sexual anatomy and the circumference of the testicles. The jaw is checked for correct bite.
Te Mania Angus is J-BAS 8 accredited, the highest level of bio-security accreditation in the new, national approach to the prevention of Johne’s disease (JD) in cattle.  J-BAS focuses on managing on-farm biosecurity risk rather than controlling disease through regulation, and treats JD as just one of many diseases that producers must manage within their business.  More info

All our sale bulls are tested free and/or pedigree free of:  Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM), Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH), Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA) and Developmental Duplications (DD)formerly known as Fawn Calf Syndrome.  Refer to each lot for notification.

Elders LogoAGENTS
Elders Ltd, Camperdown office Ph 03 5593 1822
Ross Milne Ph 0408 057 558  |  Clarke Roycroft Ph 0409 677 281  | Auctioneer Brian Leslie
All purchasers will be asked to nominate a settling agent. A 3% rebate will be paid to all settling agents who settle within 7 days of the invoice being received.

Venue: Te Mania Angus, Reichmans Lane, Mortlake

Enquiries – Hamish McFarlane Ph 0427 641 606 | Tom Gubbins Ph 0429 952 197