Now is a great time to purchase Te Mania Angus genetics

Angus cows for sale

If you are an Angus breeder in need of a high performing sire for your herd, or a beautiful – in calf – female, then this is a great opportunity for you.

Right now, Te Mania Angus is offering for sale, 20 high performing Angus bulls ready for use in your herd.  Plus 130 PTIC (pregnancy tested in calf) stud Angus females.  These cattle represent over 85 years of genetic fine tuning, high accuracy, proven, performance genetics that will help lift the profile of your herd.

Our aim is to provide and deliver the country’s leading genetics at commercially affordable prices.  We want our clients to have more calves on the ground, calves that grow out faster, then comply at slaughter and produce productive female replacements.

The stud females for sale are all in calf to Te Mania Angus homebred sires, or renowned and tested international genetics.  Due to calve in the spring, these well bred stud females are located at Mortlake, Victoria and registered with the Angus Society of Australia.  They have all passed rigorous independent assessments for structure and temperament and possess industry leading EBV’s (estimated breeding values).

Here is a full listing of bulls for sale and PTIC females for sale, or contact [email protected] or call 03 5264 1606 to find out more.

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