Te Mania Angus ranks highest on Top 100 Sires List

Te Mania Berkley B1 (AI)

Te Mania Angus has confirmed its status as the breed’s proven performer after blitzing the latest release of the Angus Sire Summary May 2015.

Based in Mortlake, Western Victoria, Te Mania Angus has again dominated the Top 100 Sires Listing – for all $Index Values, plus contributed the most trait leaders, Australia’s highest Eye Muscle Area and Milk bulls and the most sires listed in the report.

The Sire Summary contains lists of the top 100 sires for each individual Estimated Breeding Value (EBV) and $Index value.

The report also provides the Trait Leaders lists, which ranks all of the Breedplan recorded Angus bulls in the country that have at least 80% accuracy for one trait and calves born in the last two years. To qualify as a trait leader a bull must average in the top five per cent of the breed for a particular trait and have an accuracy of at least 80 per cent.  Te Mania Angus has 106 sires listed with 71 Trait Leaders, more than three times the next best performing stud.

Te Mania Angus co – principal Tom Gubbins said information contained in the Sire Summary provided an unparalleled barometer of Te Mania’s performance.

“It is very rewarding to see our herd performing in the full spectrum of traits.  These bulls are a consequence of breeding high performance cattle to increase the profits of our clients.  Our dedication to collecting and using as much information on every animal that we can, means that our bulls do so well not only in the paddock, but also on paper.

“Te Mania Angus has always polled well in the carcase traits and it is particularly encouraging to see in this report that our results in calving ease, fertility, muscle and marbling are as exciting” says Tom

“Results for the all important Index values were particularly pleasing for us. We have 20 out of the 100 listed sires for the Angus Breeding $Index, 29/100 for the Heavy Grain Index and 34 out of 100 for the IMF% list.

Among Te Mania’s trait leaders were:

  • Te Mania Berkley B1 – calving ease (direct), calving ease (daughters), gestation length, 200, 400 and 600 day weight, days to calving, carcase weight, eye muscle area and IMF%. Over 4,889 progeny analysed and over 3048 scanned progeny.
  • Tuwharetoa Regent D145 – Australia’s most used sire. Trait Leader for 600 day weight, carcase weight and IMF%.
  • Te Mania Garth G67 – One of the country’s most popular, up and coming sires. Trait Leader for gestation length and scrotal size.

For further details contact Tom Gubbins 0409 952197.