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Low Stress Stockhandling School | 2 days | Mortlake, Vic

Te Mania Angus is proud to host, and to highly recommend, this Low Stress Stockhandling School.

2 Day Stockhandling SchoolThe LSS Stockhandling School is relevant to all livestock production industries and the people who work within them. Past participants have varied in age from 4 to 73 with skill levels ranging from very experienced and competent stock people through to total beginners. All you need is a willingness to learn.

The Basic Animal Instincts and the Principles of Low Stress Stockhandling are universal. They have been observed and put into a framework that makes them easy to learn and they form the basis of the Stockhandling School content.

Methods relating to the Principles are taught through a combination of direct teaching and practical situations that allow each participant the opportunity to work livestock both inside and outside the yard. We pride ourselves on providing an atmosphere that encourages each person to feel comfortable to participate and learn through practise. Emphasis is placed on developing a sound understanding of the key information through experience and the majority of the school time is for this.

As a participant at an LSS Stockhandling School you will learn how your attitude can affect the outcomes from your stock. Imagine the feeling of ending each livestock working session feeling calm and satisfied with stress free animals!

Time is allocated to deal with specific issues and areas of interest relevant to the participants and their industries. Topics covered include, imprinting young animals, the weaning process and de-stressing. Our goal is that you leave the school with a broader knowledge and understanding of stockhandling which will help you make informed decisions to achieve maximum cost effective production gains with low stress livestock what ever your situation may be.

LSS Mission

  • To foster an environment of low stress interaction between people and animals.
  • To impart knowledge that promotes a positive attitude to low stress stockhandling.
  • To show people the economic benefits of a low stress environment.

Meeting the needs to handle stock in a calm and confident manner in all situations.

  • Increase productivity and make more $$$$$$$
  • Improve meat quality from your livestock
  • Be more effective with your time and money
  • Improve management and profitability
  • Reduce cost of production
  • Have quiet stress free stock and people
  • Learn to work through ALL situations confidently

Nic Kentish – Our Trainer

Nic KentishNic Kentish was born in 1964 and raised on his families’ farm near Mt. Gambier in South Australia. After leaving school, he set about pursuing a career that often led him “somewhere east of the sunrise”. A passion for livestock has been his driving force from jackerooing days on NSW, Qld and WA stations to overseeing a cattle development project in Vanuatu to head-stockman aboard livestock ships delivering sheep, cattle and goats to Middle-Eastern ports.

Now settled on a farm in the Adelaide Hills near Macclesfield with his wife Alexi and three children, Nic runs a farm management consultancy as well as farm construction business and agricultural coaching within his community

Combining his passions for livestock and people, Nic trains Low Stress Stockhandling Schools with zest, humour and feeling and a genuine endeavour to see animals and humans together realize their true potential. Since animals are simply good at being animals, Nic takes up the human challenge to share what’s possible if people can change.
Nic Kentish   Ph  08 8388 5288   nic@kentish.biz


Low Stress Stockhandling Pty Ltd offers 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your investment at the end of the school you attended.
Discounts apply to multiple participants within the one business.

1st Person – $880.00 Inc GST
2nd Person and there after – $660.00 Inc GST
Children under 16 – $440.00 Inc GST

Enquiries and Registration

Registrations to lucytemania.com.au
Venue – Te Mania Angus, Reichmans Lane, Mortlake, Victoria
Full details –   Low Stress Stockhandling Schools