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Low Stress Stockhandling School | 2 days | Tonga Station, Mansfield, Vic.

Tue 13th and Wed 14th April 2021

Te Mania Angus highly recommends the Low Stress Stockhandling School

Low Stress Stockhandling.  What’s it all about?

• It’s about making a difference, and ‘making the world a better place for people and animals
• It’s about attitude
• It’s about production, profit and people
• It’s about enjoying what you are doing and the results that you get
• It’s about work place safety
• It’s about the rural industry and it’s future
• It’s about creating a workplace ‘attitude’
• It’s practical and ‘doable’
• It can achieve results quickly
• It’s user friendly, for all ages
• It’s two days that can change the way you ‘see and do’ stockhandling
• It’s Australia wide
• It’s about looking after the valuable assets in the rural business – the people
• Only the original Low Stress Stockhandling schools can promise you this

A LSS school is a remarkable 2-day program that can leave you wanting to do stock work, seeing the economic benefits in the kilos gained and the ease in which stockhandling can be achieved. See how to make more $$$$ from your stock.

Before it is possible to get our animals in the right frame of mind we first have to get our mind and attitude right.

As Low Stress Stockhandling travelled extensively throughout Australia and overseas, conducting workshops, we have observed some extremely competent stockmen and women.

Wherever we go we see a familiar pattern emerge in the way people work animals.

No matter what the situation people are handling animals in, either mustering, yard work, processing, loading trucks, dairying or through slaughterhouses, there is a
common theme or pattern, we work with our own instincts.

While this achieves a result quite often, i.e. most of us manage to get our animals to the yard; it is not always a way in which it is conducive to low stress on the animal
and us.

LSS can help you achieve calm, confident management of livestock in all situations.
Schools cater for someone who has little or no experience in handling stock as well as highly competent stockpeople.

Nic Kentish – Our Trainer

Nic KentishNic Kentish was born in 1964 and raised on his families’ farm near Mt. Gambier in South Australia. After leaving school, he set about pursuing a career that often led him “somewhere east of the sunrise”. A passion for livestock has been his driving force from jackerooing days on NSW, Qld and WA stations to overseeing a cattle development project in Vanuatu to headstockman aboard livestock ships delivering sheep, cattle and goats to Middle-Eastern ports.

Now settled on a farm in the Adelaide Hills near Macclesfield with his wife Alexi and three children, Nic runs a farm management consultancy as well as farm construction business and agricultural coaching within his community.

Combining his passions for livestock and people, Nic trains Low Stress Stockhandling Schools with zest, humour and feeling and a genuine endeavour to see animals and humans together realize their true potential. Since animals are simply good at being animals, Nic takes up the human challenge to share what’s possible if people can change.

Listen here to Nic’s interview on the RawAg podcast.

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To confirm your position at this LSS school, please complete the Registration Form below and send with your payment.
1st Person – $880.00 Inc GST
2nd Person and there after – $660.00 Inc GST
Children under 16 – $440.00 Inc GST
Full money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied

Enquiries and Registration

Registrations to lucy@temania.com.au.
Download Registration Form
Venue – Tonga Station, 340 Piries-Goughs Bay Road, PIRIES 3723
Please bring lunch and a chair both both days.
Accommodation – Alzburg Resort, 39 Malcom St, Mansfield.   Ph 1300 885 448.  info@alzburg.com.au
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