Unleashing Genetic Excellence: Te Mania Angus Named a 2024 Top Stud

In the competitive world of cattle breeding, standing out requires unwavering commitment and exceptional performance. You, as a discerning cattle breeder, understand the importance of selecting genetics that promise not only consistent results but also an undeniable edge in the market. This is where Te Mania Angus steps in, recently named a 2024 Top Stud following a comprehensive analysis of its Breedplan data by the respected Bush Agribusiness.

Surprised and Delighted: A Testimony to Dedication

The Te Mania Angus family was both surprised and delighted by this announcement. This accolade is more than just an award; it’s a validation of the incredible work the family has been putting in for generations.
“Achievements such as this are an incredible encouragement and validation of the work our family has been doing for three generations, and the whole team gets a real lift from them”. This statement is more than just words; it’s a testament to the dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence by the business.

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Proven Performance Across Key Metrics

What sets Te Mania Angus apart is its consistent and significant outperformance of the breed average across the full range of $Index values for over a decade. For you, this means access to genetics that are proven to excel where it matters most.
At the same time, a look at our figures right through Breedplan shows we have been able to bend the growth curve and produce genetics the market is chasing; particularly in key areas such as marbling, growth rates, gestation length, days to calving, and birthweight.

Mark Your Calendar: Annual Northern Spring Bull Sale

The Top Stud announcement comes at a pivotal time as Te Mania Angus gears up for its annual Northern Spring Bull Sale at Walgett, NSW on August 13. This is your opportunity to own a piece of this excellence. The sale will feature 113 high performance bulls, held at the Walgett saleyards from 11.30am.
  • Date: Tuesday 13 August
  • Location: Walgett Saleyards
  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • Catalogue: 113 two year old Bulls

Act Now and Elevate Your Herd

In a market where every decision impacts your bottom line, aligning with a stud that offers validated excellence can transform your breeding program. The recognition by Bush Agribusiness isn’t just a feather in Te Mania Angus’s cap; it is a beacon for you, guiding you towards genetics that promise robust performance and resilience.
Elevate Your Herd: Make Te Mania Angus part of your success story.
Join us on August 13 at the Walgett saleyards and secure your future with genetics that have stood the test of time and scrutiny.

Experience the difference with Te Mania Angus—where tradition meets unmatched quality and innovation.
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