Te Mania Angus bull sale – the only place to access Australia’s top marbling sires

The Te Mania Angus annual on-property and on-line bull sale offers buyers something that cannot be accessed anywhere else – next-generation genetics from the top-ranked Angus marbling sires in Australasia. These 179 bulls are progeny from the nucleus of the Te Mania Angus herd. 

Te Mania Neon N1387, is now the highest-marbling Angus sire in Australia and New Zealand, with an EBV of +9.8 (82%). 

And Te Mania Angus director Hamish says it doesn’t stop there – Te Mania Angus also has the sires ranked two and three.

He says they are Te Mania Qrusade Q1454 (IMF +8.7) and Te Mania Kirby K138 (IMF +8.6) and of the 136 bulls in the top 1% of the breed, 24% of those are Te Mania Angus.

Both Neon and Kirby have sons in this sale, who guarantee genetic improvement and marketability of progeny for any commercial herd.

Lot 3 Te Mania Sovereign S818
Lot 3 Te Mania Sovereign S818
Lot 15 Te Mania Scotsbridge S304
Lot 15 Te Mania Scotsbridge S304

“Combining genomic testing and large volumes of performance data – while never losing sight of confirmation – has put Te Mania Angus at the cutting edge, and the independent proof of the predictable-performance of our genetics, and those of our clients, is keeping us there.”

“This genetic success is the result of more than 50 years of dedicated data capture and research, an objective determination to identify and then multiply the more extreme, high-performing animals,” he says.

Hamish says reference sires for this year’s sale bulls include a range of sought-after traits beyond the crucial one of marbling.

“We are always keen to introduce outcross genetics into the herd, and Baldridge Command C036 has been very pleasing.  His 41 sons stand out phenotypically, are high calving ease and high $ Indexing. 

Sons of home bred sires who have been progeny tested through Team Te Mania herds are also bulls such as Te Mania Nebraska VTMN630, for growth and carcase traits (10 sons), and Te Mania Quota Q1049, for growth, fertility and carcase traits (five sons).

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The sale will be interfaced with AuctionsPlus.  Users must be registered at least 48 hours prior to the sale. 

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