Te Mania Angus ranked 1, 2, 3 and 4 in all Australasian marbling sires

The Mid-January 2023 TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation figures have confirmed Te Mania Angus as the breed’s most dominant gene pool in Australia and New Zealand.

Te Mania Angus doesn’t just have the breed’s highest-ranked marbling sire, it has the top four.

Te Mania Neon N1387 has been ranked the TransTasman’s highest-marbling Angus sire, with an EBV of +9.8 (82 per cent), as a result of our dedicated focus on marbling since the early 90’s.  Neon has been progeny tested through commercial herds and was  entered in cohort 12 of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program. 

Te Mania Neon is followed by Te Mania Qrusade Q1454 (IMF +8.8), Te Mania Kirby K138 (IMF +8.7) and Te  Mania Pheasantry P1479.    Kirby – who was also previously the number one ranked marbling sire, has been used widely throughout ACR herds, providing very high accuracy TACE figures, resulting in 94% acc for marbling.

We are equally delighted to announce sons by both Neon and Kirby will feature prominently in the Te Mania Angus annual autumn on-property bull sale at Mortlake on Wednesday, March 1, and will be on display at our Beef Week open day on Thursday, February 2.

Both Qrusade Q1454 and Pheasantry P1479 were sold in our annual auctions – Pheasantry at Mortlake and Qrusade at Walgett, which shows the quality of genetics on offer in the sale line ups.

At Te Mania Angus the vision is to produce sound, fertile cattle with high growth rates and excellent carcase and fertility attributes.

Cows in calf to these sires and other high performance Te Mania sires will feature in the Team Te Mania Online Commercial Female Sale on Friday, March 17, when 1000+ commercial females from Team Te Mania herds, NSW, Vic and SA will be sold on Auctions Plus.

Tom says their genetics are selected using all the available traits – underpinned by not just adopting best practices, but also by “always learning and improving”.

Only females who produce a live calf to weaning are retained in the breeding herd.

We also place great emphasis on bull fertility.   Early research by Dr Mike Blockey proved to us that large scrotal size bulls have a positive influence on cowherd fertility.  Fertility in a cow herd is one of the most important factors contributing to the yield of beef produced per hectare.

Therefore scrotal size, days to calving and gestation length are vital selection traits.

We receive a constant flow of carcase feedback through Team Te Mania herds and the Angus Australia Progeny Testing program, which allows us to more accurately join cows to bulls with the desired carcase attributes, such as high marbling, eye muscle area and retail beef yield.

Te Mania Angus has placed emphasis on growth rate for many years, and is kept in check by maintaining a moderate mature cow weight within the breeding herd.

For further information contact 

Tom Gubbins 0429 952197 or or Hamish McFarlane 0427 641606

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