SOLD Team Te Mania PTIC Cows For Sale this Friday

SOLD Account: Worthing East Trust

41hd PTIC Team Te Mania J Drop Cows For sale on AuctionsPlus Eastern States Sale 563 Lot 338

Friday 23rd April 2021 11 am Good quality ACR recorded & EU Team Te Mania Angus PTIC Cows. Cows averaged 602kg full (471 – 712kg) at assessment. J Drop Cows (7 Year old Cows) Due to commence calving approx. 21 August 2021 for 7 weeks. Predominantly large framed, deep bodied cows that have reared a calf every year. Cows that have only recently had large calves weaned. The Steer Progeny will suit long-fed Angus programs.

High quality genetics have been used for many years using top Te Mania AI and lease bulls, focusing on high growth and marbling (IMF%). Progeny are always being highly sought after by top end feedlots – EBV’s on cows are available on request. Cows would make a great addition to any herd or for someone looking to get a start with High Quality Te Mania Genetics.

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