SOLD Team Te Mania PTIC cows for sale – AuctionsPlus Friday


SOLD Account: RT Cooper, Beech Forest, Victoria

AuctionsPlus Eastern States Sale this Friday 30/4/21

17 K Drop PTIC Cows (6.5 years)
Ave weight: 647kg (572-744kg) at assessment

8 J Drop PTIC Cows (7.5 years)
Ave Weight: 651kg (596-716kg) at assessment


VTML1082 – Te Mania Liquorice L1082
VTMN233 – Te Mania Nason N233
VTMP703 – Te Mania Pastoralist P703

Team Te Mania PTIC Angus cows that possess all the outstanding attributes of the Team Te Mania program.  The cows are presenting in a fresh store to forward condition with a healthy, shiny coats. Cows that are bred in a tough climate.

Progeny from these cows are always highly sought after by backgrounders and feedlots. Sires used in the Team Te Mania program are some of the best in the country, with particular emphasis on marbling, growth and temperament.
These cows possess wonderful temperament, good frame and depth of body. They will not disappoint.

For more information contact Chris Callow on Mob: 0429 497 166

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