Angus breeding heifers selling on Auctionsplus – December 11 SOLD


Account: Toolong Pty Ltd 

44 Team Te Mania heifers are being offered this week on AuctionsPlus Weaner and Yearling Sale 541

44hd Angus Heifers presale number is 8657793, lot number to come
Ave wgt full @ assessment: 340kg (300-407kg)

A very good line of EU Accredited & ACR Recorded Heifer

The Toolong Herd has been a Progeny Test herd since the inception of Team Te Mania in 1996. A.I
has been used in the herd for the past 30 years. The herd has a proven track
record for performance and high marbling, is one of the top performance herds
and a long time supplier to Rangers Valley Feedlot.

For more information, photos and videos are available here

Account: RT Cooper, Little Aire Falls

10 Team Te Mania unjoined Angus Heifers for sale, presale number is 8659982, lot number to come.

Ave Wt: 256kg (220 -281kg ). These are younger heifers in the drop and are surplus to the breeding requirements.

More photos and information here

Or contact Chris Callow: 0429 497 166


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