The Brains Trust got the marbling message loud and clear

BOONA produces some of the beef industry’s most sought-after genetics – in the feedlot and in cowherds across the eastern states.

Based on a quarter of a century of determination to get the genetic profile as perfect as possible to pursue the lucrative high marbling market with operations such as Rangers Valley at Glenn Innes in NSW.

Which started when principals Steve and Sue Brain went to Tokyo in the early 1990s to visit the AMLC (now MLA) then went to a Kobe beef steakhouse and came home with one very clear message hammered into them, over and over – marbling.

And once back on their Mumbannar property, in the far southwest reaches of Victoria and just east of Mount Gambier, they began their rise to prominence in the Angus breed.

The herd the Brains have built at Boona now has 1100 pure Te Mania Angus blood cows in it – and an annual contract with Rangers Valley for its steer turnoff.

Producing between 1000 and 1100 calves a year, Boona is achieving a better than 90 per cent conception rate with all natural mating.

Although Steve said this year they will be turning to AI for select high marbling genetics to sharpen their herd going forward.

“Our whole steer turnoff basically goes to Rangers Valley and when they are on the truck they range between 480kg and 500kg at 13-15 months,” Steve added.

“They start going in October and we are finished before Christmas,” he said.

“Then we have to sell big lines of cows because with that many calves every year there simply isn’t enough room for them all.”

He said their feature female sale is the annual Team Te Mania commercial female sale – this year Boona has more than 200 catalogued for the March 6 sale through AuctionsPlus.

That includes 45 cows at 90 months, 124 cows at 78 months and 52 heifers at 18 months. All 200+ are PTIC for a spring calving to Te Mania Angus bulls.

“Our focus is on quality, at every step and at every level and we have a lot of regular clients keeping a sharp eye out for the Team female sale,” Steve said.  Full story

2020 Boona Heifers, 18 months, PTIC to calve in Spring, to be offered in Team Te Mania Online Commercial Female Sale, Friday, March 6th at 11am on AuctionsPlus