Profitability is a trait – and success is heritable

TOM Gubbins believes profitability should be considered by beef producers as a heritable trait because it gives a more concise target for which to aim.

Te Mania Angus “works very hard” to gather all the genetic information beforehand, collate it and make it available to any interested breeder or producer.

The most essential decision to be made when investing in genetics is, how do you want your genetic selection to increase your profitability?

That decision will influence you regardless of your market – whether you are targeting the supermarket, grassfed trade or are going after the high-marbling, longfed market.

Te Mania Angus has worked for many years – underpinned by the almost 25 years of progeny testing through Team Te Mania – to find and propagate genetic lines with the most commercial potential.

If you have any questions about the future of your breeding program we will be happy to go through them with you, to tailor make a breeding direction, so all your animal management efforts are being rewarded to their full potential genetically.

Te Mania Angus has a range of maturity patterns in the bulls we produce, so that you can find one that suits your target market and conditions.

If you are in that grassfed and supermarket trade, you need to balance mature size and maturity to your target carcase weight of 280-320kg. You only need cow size to be as big as it needs to be. It is not efficient to be incurring high maintenance costs on genetic lines that you are not utilising.

Where you are targeting the longfed market, with a target carcase weight of 400-450kg, we can deliver those genetics too, with decades of data and breeding to back it up.

Te Mania Legend, VTML646, reference sire for 2020 Autumn Bull Sale. Te Mania L646 has high growth, fertility, Eye Muscle Area, Retail Beef Yield, and Marbling, ranking him in the top 1% of the Angus Breed for all 4 profitability indexes – Angus Breeding Index, Domestic Index, Heavy Grain Index and Heavy Grass Index. Progeny tested throughout Team Te Mania commercial herds.