Team Te Mania and Te Mania Angus pledge sale levies to BlazeAid NQ Flood Relief Fund

Team Te Mania vendors will use their online Commercial Female Sale as a vehicle for raising money to help with flood relief in far north Queensland.  Team Te Mania vendors and Team Te Mania will pay a $10 levy to BlazeAid for every cow sold within the sale time, during its March 8 sale on AuctionsPlus.

“It was a spontaneous gesture by the Team Te Mania vendors from across South Australia, Victoria and NSW.   They are pleased to be able to support those so badly affected by drought and now floods” said Hamish McFarlane, Team Te Mania director.

Te Mania Angus will also donate a levy from its March 6 Bull Sale.  Te Mania Angus will combine with Elders Ltd, Dick Smith Transport and Sapien Technology, to donate $6,000 to BlazeAid.  The funds will be directed to the “Post and Wire” drive which issues vouchers with local suppliers to farmers in need, for fencing materials.

Further donations can be made direct to Blaze Aid.

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