Marbling genes – a quality signature of differentiation in beef cattle

Andrew Gubbins’ vision to increase genotypic marbling in the Te Mania Angus herd 30 years ago has transformed into an industry benchmark.

It is a benchmark that is not just continuing in the Te Mania Angus genetic program today but is being fast-tracked by its participation in major research trials and adapting cutting-edge technology.

And proven through intensive progeny testing in Team Te Mania herds across South Australia, Victoria and NSW

Te Mania Angus founder, Andrew Gubbins started collecting marbling phenotypes for genetic analysis more than 30 years ago.

He didn’t just collect data, he backed his conviction by basing breeding decisions on his determination to increase the genotypic marbling in the Te Mania Angus herd.   He predicted marbling would dramatically influence cattle values.

Te Mania Angus director Tom Gubbins said for many years, while the science caught up, that extra value has been intangible.

It’s not now.

Tom said the selection pressure on marbling during that time had also been questioned.

It’s not now.

Processors are now clearly playing extra money for animals that they can predict will marble better than others.

Marbling genes in your herd will increase an individual animal’s value – it’s that simple.

Better still, proven marbling genes in your herd will give you the greatest of all marketing advantages – a quality signature of differentiation.

In the Te Mania Angus autumn on-property bull sale on March 6, we have 147 of the lots in the catalogue in the top 25 per cent of the breed for marbling.

Purchasing these bulls in the Te Mania Angus sale will send a clear message to potential buyers of your cattle of your intention is to increase marbling in the bloodline you sell.

Producing exceptional marbled beef brings a premium throughout the entire supply chain.

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