650 Commercial Angus Cows listed for Team Te Mania Online Female Sale

In their 14th feature sale, Team Te Mania members will offer 650 Te Mania bloodline cows, online, on Friday March 8th at 11.am.

The online sale is conducted through AuctionsPlus, and the cows remain on the vendor properties throughout NSW and Victoria, until the completion of the sale.

Through generations of progeny testing, Team Te Mania cows have become the complete package.  With their proven fertility and performance continually tested under commercial conditions in profitable commercial herds, Team Te Mania genetics also bring proven performance in, and increasing demand from, feedlots.

The cows offered for sale include cutting edge genetic packages of heifers, PTIC (Pregnancy Tested in Calf), older cows in calf, and calves at foot.    More info
Photo – Widgeegonga cows, PTIC, at Derrinallum 


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