At Team Te Mania’s recent Workshop held in Warrnambool, leaders from each part of the beef supply chain discussed disruptive technologies, data collection, breeding efficiencies and the scope of growing markets for Australian Angus cattle.

On target with the Future Farming theme, Richard Norton, MLA, updated the group of 70 producers from NSW, Vic and SA, on the scope of DEXA technology and value-based marketing.  He said “data, being collected by MLA, would eventually be used in linking commercial herds back to the end market”.   Andrew Miller, Stock and Land reports –  Data drives price, MLA head.

Kate Dowler, Weekly Times spoke with NLIS pioneer, John Wyld –  DEXA’s feedback potential – Objective measurement thumbs up.

Keith Howe of Rangers Valley stressed the importance of consistency from procurement through to supplying end product to the high quality restaurant market where China has now become the largest importer of the 20 countries supplied by the global beef brand.  Andrew Miller reports – Consistency a key driver, says feedlot head.

The group was greeted at Te Mania Angus by 100 yarded heifers, adorned with Allflex smart collars, being used to monitor behaviours to measure the onset of puberty.  Lewis Frost, Manager – Animal Monitoring (Aust & NZ) at Allflex explained the applications of the data, including rumination behaviour.  Data from this research is being used by scientist, Dr Matt Wolcott, who discussed the Trans Tasman Cow Profitability Research Project, which these heifers are part of.  Tom Gubbins spoke about the importance of considering the whole value chain, in beef genetic decisions.  Don’t mess with breeds, Te Mania warns by Kate Dowler, Weekly Times.

Devan Robertson of Wave Hills, Tahara West presented the Team Te Mania Case Study on increasing conception rates using AI, applying his knowledge from managing a 1300-cow dairy herd.  The group was then addressed by Jeff Braun of Myora Farm Piggery who shared key factors in improving productivity in his herd which targets turn off weight of 100kg/pig at 16 weeks of age, averaging 28 pigs sold/sow/year.

Gerry Grayson demonstrated one of the latest farm management tools, the drone, and its scope to monitor stock and pastures.  Drones to change future of farm management  by Kate Dowler, Weekly Times.

The next farm tour was to Coomete, supplier to Rangers Valley, where the group viewed a mob of 240 Angus heifers “as even as peas in a pod”.

Dinner at The Pavillion Restaurant was another highlight, with the finest quality Scotch Fillet from Rangers Valley’s pure Angus “Black Market” marble score 5+ range.   Photo gallery by Andrew Miller, Stock and Land.  The Workshop was supported by long term partners of Te Mania Angus – Allflex, NAB Agribusiness and Rangers Valley.

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