The Importance of Good Angus Bull Structure – Field Day, December 5th 2016



You are invited to an “Afternoon in the Yards” to see, hear and discuss the importance of sound cattle structure.

Jim Green from Green’s Livestock Services will be independently assessing all of the 2015 drop bulls, including the 2017 Te Mania Angus autumn sale bulls on December 5th.  All keen cattle producers are invited to attend.

Structural assessments are a vital part of the breeding program at Te Mania Angus – with every bull independently assessed as a yearling and every stud female assessed annually for four years in succession and periodically after that for research purposes.

Te Mania Angus is one of the few Angus studs in Australia that has such an intensive structure programme.  Independent structural assessments began at Te Mania Angus in 1994.

Use of objective structural assessments, in conjunction with performance recording (EBVs) gives us a greater picture of how that animal will perform.

Issues with structure can affect bull and cow longevity.  The Beef Class Structural Assessment System measures claw set, front and rear foot angle, rear legs, and for females – teats and udders as well.   Leg and feet structure in particular are highly heritable, therefore identifying structural issues within your animals allows you to improve your herd through assessment and selection.

Good cattle structure has a direct impact on producer profitability.

Te Mania Angus collects and records information based on unbiased, factual data, and relates it back to the animal and its genetics.  Analysis of this information identifies which pedigrees have desirable structure, and is published in all our sale catalogues.

Refreshments will be provided on the day.  Please RSVP to [email protected] by Friday 2nd December

An Afternoon in the Yards: 3 pm Monday December 5th at the Te Mania Angus cattle yards, Reichmans Lane, Mortlake, Victoria.

Picture taken by Ben Hooper, Clear Vision Imaging


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