Stephen Hindson

Worthing East

Henty, VIC

Worthing has used Te Mania Angus genetics since the mid 1970s, involving progeny testing through use of Te Mania semen and natural sires.

As a progeny test member of Team Te Mania since its inception in 1995, the Hindsons have had access to elite young bulls that would otherwise be unavailable to commercial beef producers.

The breeding program at Worthing aims to produce females with excellent fertility and structure that can produce quality offspring that meet target markets in as short a time frame as possible.

Worthing steers meet feedlot specifications at 15-16 months, generally averaging 420-450kg curfew weight, with the majority going to Rangers Valley Feedlot. Steers that are too heavy and cull heifers are grass finished for the EU or MSA market.

Worthing is a Breedplan recorded herd on the Angus Commercial Register which allows the Hindsons to closely monitor the genetic progress of their 500 spring calving cows and their progeny.

  • Team Te Mania members since 1995
  • Breedplan recorded, Angus Commercial Register
  • Johne’s Status – Beef Only
  • EU Accredited
  • Calving period – Aug-Sep

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