Malcolm and Kerry Bishop

Werai Station

Deniliquin, NSW

WERAI is genuine pastoral country near Deniliquin in southern NSW and Kerry and Malcolm Bishop have added this highly-productive country to the Team Te Mania membership.

The station is 7328ha running 141ha of rice, 1618ha of cropping and 404ha of certified organic horticulture.

And 1200 Angus cattle – members of Team Te Mania – being run on the balance.

Werai is managed by neighbour Dennis Gleeson, who also owns and operates Colligen Creek Station.

Kerry said Dennis had been keen for them to join and after they had noticed how “nice and quiet” his herd was behaving they got organised and changed their herd to Angus a year ago.

“It’s a bit like if you can’t beat them you join them, and that was the case here,” Kerry explained.

Malcolm added “Team Te Mania has a much better product and that means more money on the bottom line as far as we are concerned”.

The couple said that with the data Team Te Mania has available and its early access to the latest genetics from Te Mania Angus would make it easier for them to continue to improve their herd.

“Before joining we tended to market most of our stock through the Pakenham saleyards,” Kerry said.

“But after joining the Team, and seeing and hearing everything at the Team Te Mania Workshop, expect we will now be going straight to Ranger’s Valley,” she said.

“So far it would seem Dennis was spot on with his advice and we look forward to working with Te Mania Angus and everyone else in the Team.”

  • Member of Team Te Mania since 2017
  • Spring calving
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