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Poltalloch Station, Taillem Bend, SA

CHRIS and Beth, and Keith and Kirsty Cowan have brought six generations of family farming to Poltalloch at Tailem Bend, South Australia.

Their holding, now 5,500 acres, bordering Lake Alexandrina also includes a finishing block of 850 acres at Reidy Creek near Kingston.

In 1985 Poltalloch purchased some Angus cows, and soon after made the switch from Shorthorn to Angus.  The Angus calves were heavier, and the genetic progress was great.  They now run a breeding herd of 500 Autumn-calving Angus cows.  Calves are weaned at 5 weeks, in November.

The Cowan family joined Team Te Mania in 2018.  Chris said we were attracted to “the option to use the latest Te Mania Angus semen, before it hits the market, gives us the progeny a head start over the rest of the market and at  very reduced price”.  Also “leasing bulls is better option than buying them for us”.

Steers are sold to Rangers Valley, and for the last few years heifers to Princes Royal.

The Cowans also run a crossbred enterprise based on a flock of Dohne ewes.

Joined Team Te Mania 2018
EU Accredited , JBAS-6

Calving – Autumn, Commencing May 1


Team Te Mania breeding herd, Poltalloch Station, Tailem Bend, SA

Poltalloch Station, Tailem Bend, SA in August 2019

Dohne bloodline sheep flock, Poltalloch Station