Glenn Paton

Pardoo Cattle Co

Colac, VIC

Pardoo Cattle Co runs approximately 1400 spring calving pure Angus breeders and a cropping business across two properties near Colac – “Pardoo” at Barongarook West, and “Nuralup” at Irrewarra.

Subject to seasonal conditions, the breeding herd is generally split evenly between both properties. For ease of management and due to the fact Pardoo’s spring is a little later and longer than Nuralup’s, joining and calving is calibrated to commence a month earlier at Nuralup.

The total cow herd is broken into 6 mobs with the three youngest mobs, including replacement heifers, run at Pardoo. Each year, the eldest cow mob is sold as one, after weaning (their sixth calf), and after preg testing.

Calves are weaned to Pardoo from Nuralup, with all weaners then run together in sexed mobs.  Subject to market and seasonal conditions, non-replacement heifers are usually sold prior to each spring, and steers are either sold as weaners or backgrounded to feeder weight on contract, or a combination of both.

Crops are usually a combination of forage and cereal crops for grazing and Pardoo’s 500-head on-farm feedlot in addition to the production of normal supplementary feed such as silage and hay.

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