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Kielli Holdings - Ric Walmsley, Mortlake VIC (Western)

Ric Walmsley has seen huge improvements in the quality of his herd since he joined Team Te Mania in 1999. The improvements have been visual, in the performance of the cattle and in the herd’s Breedplan figures and the B3 index in particular.

The Kielli herd is recorded on the Angus Commercial Register and is fully Breedplan recorded. Kielli is one of the Team Te Mania progeny test herds and as a result has used leading Te Mania sires including Te Mania Ulong and Te Mania Unlimited.

The Kielli herd started with a Hereford base, but has used Te Mania genetics exclusively since 1999.

“It’s been brilliant to see the progress, which we can see in the cattle. This is supported by huge improvement in ACR figures,” Ric says.

Kielli steers are bred for the feedlot market and are either sold through the Team Te Mania program or feedlotted on property, when the season and grain prices permit. Team membership has also meant Ric regularly meets with other leading producers.

  • Breedplan recorded, Angus Commercial Register
  • Johne’s status – Beef Only
  • Calving period – Aug- Sep