John Poole and Sharryn Lewis


Woodstock, NSW

The family team of John Poole, with daughter Sharryn and husband Stephen Lewis, run the Hollindale herd, a Progeny Test herd within Team Te Mania.

They are passionate cattle breeders with a meticulous eye on recording, weighing calves at birth, 200, 400 and 600 days; and scanning for Eye Muscle Area and Intra Muscular Fat.

The 150 breeders are performance recorded on the Angus Commercial Register.

“The very commercial access to the country’s best Angus genetics was obviously a big attraction to joining Team Te Mania”.

“We had been semen buyers before we joined the Team, but its membership structure is far better than chasing high-priced bulls in the open market.

He says the other key was their purchase of other Te Mania Angus genetics from a property with a very strong influence from an outstanding Te Mania Barwon cow.

“When I saw how good they were, that really got my attention and that’s what got us going to Te Mania in the first place,” John adds.

“Today we do all our own AI.  AI is without doubt the best fast track for a herd because you can handpick the traits you want and get them straight into your herd.”

  • Team Te Mania member since 2011
  • Calving period – July/August
  • Angus Commercial Register (ACR)
  • EU Accredited
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