Dennis and Susie Stewart

Booberoi Station

Condobolin, NSW

Located in the Central West of NSW, the partnership of Dennis and Susan Stewart and their son Cameron runs a cattle-breeding and farming operation on two properties – Booberoi Station (8933 ha) and Cugong (3197 ha).

Both properties are located about 40-60km west of Condobolin, on the Lachlan River.

Dennis says sharefarmers are engaged to produce cotton on the irrigation area (800ha) and to grow cereal crops on Cugong (800 ha).

A three-year rotational cropping system applies, with the final year being undersown to a pasture mix, including lucerne.

“But the real passion in our enterprise is the cattle breeding,” Dennis says.

“Running up to 1200 breeders, we have been Team Te Mania members since 2007,” he says.

“We feel the support of Te Mania Angus in the bulls it provides has enabled us to access markets that result in consistently good prices, whether that comes through feedlots or the sale of our females.

“We believe Te Mania Angus excels in making innovative genetic improvements.”

Dennis says looking to the future the family feels “that to accommodate the changing climate we need to improve our infrastructure and be less reliant on inputs”.

He also says there is a definite need to also increase drought preparedness by storing plenty of grain and being flexible in adapting to change.

“Given the right opportunities expansion is also part of the overall long-term plan for the business,” Dennis added.

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BREEDING FOR PROFIT MLA  Feedback magazine, Sept 2015
  • Team Te Mania member since 2007
  • Herd: 1200 cows
  • Calving period: July – August
  • Johnes status : Beef Only
2010 Mary and Andrew Gubbins with Susie and Dennis Stewart


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