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RawAg Podcast

Episode 7 - George King - Triple Bottom Line

George King is the Managing Director of “The Whitney Pastoral Company” and the fifth generation to live at historic “Coombing Park” in central west NSW. George is a passionate regenerative farmer and an outspoken advocate for agriculture. He has a fascinating and rational insight into agricultural topics and concerns.

Episode 6 - David Beggs - Animal Welfare

Dr. David Beggs has been a vet in Warrnambool for over 30 years. He is a senior lecturer in Cattle Medicine at Melbourne University, Editor in Chief of the Australian Veterinary Journal and has a Ph.D. in animal welfare. David is currently undertaking research into dairy cattle medicine, reproduction and animal welfare. A witty raconteur, he engages in all of these topics with a great deal of insight and understanding. The focus of episode 6 of RawAg is on animal welfare, we hope you enjoy listening.

Episode 5 - Susie Chisholm

Susie Chisholm is a passionate cattle farmer from Adelong in NSW. Susie moved to her property, Gwalia in 1984 with her husband, who died not long after the move. Susie has been running the operation ever since. An advocate for performance recording and data capture, Susie has built her herd into what it is today, and knowing her, she won’t rest on her laurels. A joyful and enthusiastic farmer, it is my pleasure to introduce Susie Chisholm to the Raw Ag podcast.

Find out more about Susie and her operation at Gwalia on our website: https://www.temaniaangus.com/team-te-mania/members/gwalia.

Episode 4 - Nic Kentish - Low Stress Stock Handling

Nic Kentish was born in 1964 and raised on his families’ farm near Mt. Gambier in South Australia. After leaving school, Nic set about pursuing a career that often led him “somewhere east of the sunrise”. Now settled in the Adelaide Hills with his wife Alexi and three children, Nic combines his passions for livestock and people in pretty much everything he does. He is a facilitator for Resource Consulting Services and a trainer at Low Stress Stockhandling Schools. He does all this with skill and humour.

Head to lss.net.au to find out more.

Episode 3 - Fiona Conroy - Carbon Neutral Farming

Fiona Conroy and her husband Cam Nicholson, run a mixed farming enterprise in south western Victoria. Their journey to a carbon neutral farm began over 25 years ago and this episode highlights how they have been able to achieve carbon neutrality, increased productivity, soil health and biodiversity on their farm.

You can find out more about Fiona and Knewleave on our website: https://www.temaniaangus.com/team-te-mania/members/knewleave-partnership.

Episode 2 - Dr David Johnston - Genetic Gain

In our second episode of RawAg, we are chatting with David Johnston, Principal Scientist at the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit in Armidale NSW. David has a Doctorate of Philosophy, a Master of Rural Science and a Bachelor of Rural Science. He is currently involved in some very exciting research focused on improving the reproductive rates of cattle in the north. David explains why capturing and using data is so important for improving the genetic gain and resultant profitability of the national beef herd.

Find out more about David’s work on our website or head to agbu.une.edu.au for more information.

Episode 1 - Dr Terry McCosker - Loving the Land

Dr Terry McCosker is the founder and Director of Resource Consulting Services (RCS), he is an internationally acclaimed teacher and has worked in research, extension and property management in both government and private sectors for 45 years.

In this episode, Terry talks to us about loving the land, his deep connection with the environment and the resultant solutions that can be found for many agricultural issues throughout Australia.

More information on Dr Terry McCosker can be found at rcsaustralia.com.au


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