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Monthly Archive: April 2019

Feed Conversion Ratios – comparing Apples with Apples

April 30, 2019

Beef cattle are unfairly criticised for having a poor feed conversion ratio compared to other animals. There is a perception cattle eat more feed than other animals and produce fewer kilograms of beef/protein per hectare. The complication with this statement is that to only measure how much is eaten then compare that with the weight…

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Improving soil health to benefit plant and cattle health

April 23, 2019

We have recently embarked on a programme to increase the number of plant species in the pastures  at Te Mania Angus, Mortlake, in order to improve biodiversity. We have sown annual ryegrass, chicory, tonic plantain, clovers: sub, white and strawberry into our established phalaris. This increase in biodiversity leads to better soil structure, soil quality,…

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110 Angus steers, backgrounding opportunity, for private sale

April 12, 2019

Team Te Mania members, Garry and Leanne Hall, The Mole Partnership, Warren NSW are offering 110 steers for private sale.   The steers weigh between 220 and 330 kgs, they are EU accredited and were born July- August 2018. Sired by some of the industry’s best sires, including the renowned carcase sire, Tuwharetoa Regent D145 and Te…

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Colac Vet wins 2019 Australian Cattle Veterinarians Bovine Practitioner Award

April 9, 2019

DR Ian Henderson has been awarded the 2019 Australian Cattle Veterinarians Bovine Practitioner vet of the year. One of the more prestigious and sought-after awards in the cattle industry it has gone to a man who played an integral role in the formative years of Te Mania Angus at Pardoo, its original Colac property, and…

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