Investment in Net Feed Intake (NFI) to improve client profitability

Tamás Pable has come a long way – more than 15,000km – to be part of the Te Mania Angus innovation story, as Net Feed Intake (NFI) program manager at our Mortlake headquarters.

Just as importantly, so have his wife Petra and their young son Vince. All uprooting their lives in their native Hungary to make a permanent move Down Under.

Te Mania Angus director Tom Gubbins says Tamás has extensive experience in Europe and Asia implementing and managing NFI programs, so with the frequent flyer miles he has already racked up, the 15,000km from Budapest would have seemed like a Sunday drive.

And says he has arrived just in time to oversee the installation of 16 Vytelle nodes on-farm, with animal weighing points at each trough, which will test 128 bulls at a time for 70 days and will run throughout the year.

“The process requires 70 days of clean records to be able to produce good phenotypic data to get genetic comparisons between animals and having someone with the experience of Tamás dedicated to this facet of our business, will make sure it is done efficiently and accurately,” Tom says.

“The reason we are investing in NFI is to decrease the feed amount each animal requires to reach optimum weight and our own facility on-property to record feed consumption will allow us to identify the most efficient bloodlines so we can produce sires for our clients to assist in increasing their profitability,” he says.

“NFI also has a high correlation to methane output, which is something Tamás has worked closely across Europe in particular, and this high correlation means the more efficient animals are, the less methane they produce, lowering greenhouse gas emissions from the beef industry.

“We are excited Tamás will lead this ground-breaking work for Te Mania Angus, and for our clients and the wider industry beyond.”

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