Genetics the pathway to profitable beef production

Profitable beef production is centre stage for the Angus breed.  The driving factors behind this are consumer demand for consistent high quality beef and its ability to command premium prices in a highly competitive market.

The profitability of your cattle can be increased in a variety of ways.  Using genetics, which have already been proved to be among the most profitable in the industry, is one approach to achieve this.  It can be measured through the genetic performance of both bulls and cows.

More than 50 years of dedicated objective measurement, focused on improving commercial value and productivity for our clients, is the foundation of our herd.

Today, data is collected and genetically analysed – birth weight; calving ease; 200, 400 and 600 day weight; days to calving; scrotal circumference; scanning of eye muscle area, rib and rump fat, IMF% (Intramuscular Fat); docility; and structure of feet and legs – using the genomic relationship, for every animal born at Te Mania Angus.

Data is also contributed from commercial herds throughout Australia, and carcase feedback from our processing connections, significantly increasing the integrity of our EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values), published through TACE.

The Te Mania Angus herd accelerates its rate of genetic gain by implementing diversity, identifying the pick of the Angus cattle breeding population in parallel with our own – and by reducing the genetic interval.

The result of using data on every genetic decision stands behind the Te Mania Angus brand.

Being profitable in the premium beef industry means using genetics backed by data like never before; and the best data has never been more important.

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