121 Angus bulls for improving commercial value and productivity.

The 2022 Walgett spring bull sale line up is the product of over 50 years of dedicated performance recording and a focus on improving the profitability of our clients.

These 121 bulls come to you as progeny from the nucleus of the Te Mania Angus herd – a herd which has been breeding generations of livestock aimed at intensely improving commercial value and productivity.

The two factors which are the key drivers for your profitability.

This line up of two year old bulls features sons of homebred sires who have been progeny tested throughout commercial herds, contributing vital data to the accuracy of their breeding predictability.

  • Te Mania Mojo VTMM886, use for improving calving ease, growth and all round carcase traits – 8 sons
  • Te Mania Legend VTML646, use for improving growth, fertility and carcase – 5 sons
  • Te Mania Nebo VTMN424, use for growth, fertility and carcase traits – 18 sons
  • Te Mania Nebraska VTMN630, use for growth and carcase trait improvement – 15 sons.

Our nucleus herd accelerates its rate of genetic gain through diversity, by identifying the pick of the Angus cattle breeding population in parallel with our own – and by reducing genetic interval.

All with the knowledge of commercial information gained from an extensive data gathering and analysis system throughout our commercial cattle breeding and processing connections – with their objective parameters, combined with a non-negotiable conformation benchmark for every animal in our herd, bulls and females.

Here is a strategy that culminates in the tangible results of industry demand for high-quality commercial Te Mania Angus bred cattle nationwide, is well known and recognised for gaining premium prices in the marketplace, and helping further improve the productivity of every herd into which they are introduced.

Ours is now an industry based on data like never before; and the best data has never been more important.

Which is why we have committed almost 30 years to our industry-leading Team Te Mania progeny testing program across our cattle and across Team herds – an outstanding component in the acceleration of the Te Mania Angus genetic profile.

It also shows why collecting and analysing feedback has always been such a major focus of our breeding strategy.

The Te Mania Angus breeding program, complemented by Team Te Mania, a coalition of more than 40 commercial herds across South Australia, Victoria, NSW and Queensland, provides vital data for not just Te Mania Angus but for the industry as a whole.

We are carrying out dedicated on-property projects including a net feed intake study, heifer fertility analysis and in the future, a program to better manage our methane output.

Just as we have pioneered, or embraced, industry initiatives, including online selling for the past three decades with AuctionsPlus as a cornerstone of our bull sales.

This platform has developed into an option buyers now use with confidence, basing decisions on bloodlines, balanced traits and, most recently, genomic testing.

Most importantly, in case you were not aware, all research and data accumulated by Te Mania Angus is available to any interested breeder and we are always happy to share all the work we have done – your access to more than 50 years of objectively-focused breeding is just a phone call away.

On behalf of the Te Mania Angus family; we look forward to seeing you at the Walgett saleyards on Tuesday, August 9th.

If you would like to request a hard copy of the Walgett catalogue, please contact [email protected] or go to our Events page here to see the online versions.

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