SOLD – A RARE OPPORTUNITY: 188 ACR Team Te Mania Steers For Sale – Fri June 3


SOLD – Acc: Duncan Clowes (Herd ID DHQ), Millthorpe NSW.

Weaner and Yearling Sale 513 – Fri June 3 at 9 am (AEST)
Complete drop of 188 hd ACR recorded Team Te Mania Angus weaner steers.
To be offered for sale in two lots of 94 hd.
MOB 1 Ave Wt: 323 kg (289-378 kg) lots to come..
MOB 2 Ave Wt: 259 kg ( 220-297 kg) lots to come..
Herd Details: Team Te mania progeny herd for 10 years with majority of cows sourced directly through the Te Mania stud herd. All cows are ACR recorded.
Majority of 700 cow herd AI’d each year to high marbling Te Mania Angus Sires.
Steer calves were born from late July 2011-Mid October 2021.
Yard Weaned early April 2022, Treatments include: Genesis Ultra PO, Ultravac 7in1 , Multimin mineral injection.
Vendor Accreditations – MSA & LPA registered (1697), J-Bas 6.
Comments : Complete drop of exceptional quality Team Te Mania Angus steers which are rarely sold as backgrounders. These are cold country Tablelands bred steers that have come through the weaning process well and are ready to charge ahead. Sires of these steers Ave IMF% EBV of +2.7 (top 30% of the breed). These high marbling steers are showing all the attributes of the Team Te Mania breeding program .
Artificial Insemination sire links: VTMN181, VTMN1423, VTML646, VTMN424, VTMN1387, VTMP888, VTMN240, VTMK138.
Backup sire list includes: VTMM290, VTMP1422, VTMK267, VTMM1159, VTMP579, VTMM530, VTMQ626.
Contact Chris Callow for more information: 0429 497166

Img 8826
Clowes Steers
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