Just how far can a GoPro go?

One turned up last week at the bottom of a feed trough at Te Mania Angus in Mortlake, Victoria.
It took a bit of detective work to get the answer, and it turns out a GoPro can go about 187.8km.
In 2019 the GoPro was in the hands of a happy hot air balloon enthusiast flying over the Horsham countryside when it fell into a paddock below – to never be seen again.
When stockperson, Lilli Stewart, from Te Mania Angus found the GoPro the card inside was taken out and played. It showed shots in the balloon and even recorded its own fall, crash landing and the paddock around it.
A year and a half later the paddock was cut for hay and Te Mania Angus bought a load from the contractor.
“It was trucked to Mortlake, went through our Keenan feeder, into the feed bunkers and the cows ate everything around it,” Te Mania Angus director Tom Gubbins said.
“You could see the balloon and it showed a serial number. Our son Edward has friends who fly balloons and when he showed them they identified it as belonging to Martin Tregale, who is a private owner who does flights with friends and family,” Tom said.
“He was gobsmacked when we rang him but he remembered the day the camera fell – so we posted it back to him.”

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