Team Te Mania Weaned Steers For Sale – AuctionsPlus Fri March 26

Weaner and Yearling Sale No.461

Account: RT Cooper, Beech Forest, Victoria.
54 Weaned Steers (5-6 months)
Ave weight: 227kg (181-303kg)

Sires: VTML1082 – Te Mania Liquorice L1082
VTMN233 – Te Mania Nason N233
VTMP703 – Te Mania Pastoralist P703

Excellent line of Angus Steers that possess all the outstanding attributes of the Team Te Mania program. Steers were weaned at assessment – 19/3/21 and are presenting in a fresh condition with a healthy, shiny coat. These steers possess wonderful temperament, good frame and depth of body.  They will not disappoint.

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