Genetics are the best investment for the boom times – and the rest


In a bull market such as the one we have been sharing for the past 18 months, any beef steer or cow that can get to a saleyard is bound to make big bucks.

Bull markets don’t last forever but the genetics in your herd do – proven, cutting-edge genetics are the failsafe for any beef enterprise.

Te Mania Angus director Tom Gubbins says there has never been a better time to invest in quality Angus genetics that will deliver commercial beef producers market opportunities when the market inevitably falls.

Tom said in a red-hot market such as today, it is easy to sell stock at a premium price.

He said it is when prices fall, that top quality genetics – such as Te Mania Angus – industry-leading genetics, purpose built for the genetic improvement of cattle, will elevate the commercial seller to achieve a premium price for their stock.

Especially when the brand behind the genetics already has strong networks in the feedlot, processing and retail sector “because they are the genetics the supermarket and processor buyers will be hunting out”.

“The latest Te Mania Angus bloodlines have been proven to excel through backgrounding and feedlots and are in demand from high quality restaurants,” Tom said.

“With our focus on all commercial traits – calving ease, growth, fertility, structure, docility and carcase traits – they are ideal for building strong breeding herds,” he said.

“Selecting the right genetics for your herd and increasing profitability has never been more important than in the current market; where high quality Angus cattle continue to attract premium prices.

“At Te Mania Angus we are in the business of the genetic improvement of cattle; and our progress and all its data are there for anyone and everyone to come and see. The more, and the sooner, our industry embraces objective measurement and the massive data behind it, the sooner the Angus breed will reconfirm its status as the number one breed in Bos Taurus cattle.’

Tom has issued an open invitation to breeders, seedstock producers, processors, agents and feedlotters to join the Te Mania Angus family on January 29 during Beef Week.

He said Te Mania Angus will not only have its sale bulls on show, visitors will also be able to see reference sires and on farm tours of the stud herd, which is run in large mobs for accurate genetic comparison.

The January 29 Beef Week open day will be held at the Te Mania Angus bull sale complex, Reichmans Lane, Mortlake.

“Beef Week is a golden opportunity to enjoy a relaxed, in-depth assessment of the bulls we have catalogued for the Te Mania Angus autumn on-property bull sale at the same venue from 12pm on March 3,” Tom explained.

“It is also a golden opportunity to see it all for yourself, to meet the Te Mania Angus team and to ask anything you like about our breeding program, or yours,” he said.

Go to our Beef Week events page to find out more

Full catalogue and videos of the bulls for sale will be available on line soon

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